Where Do Pet’s Go When They Die?

The loss of a pet can be just as dramatic as losing a human being. Did you notice that I did not say “family member”? This is because most people with pets consider their pets as family.

Animals have their own personalities, as do humans and that’s why pets are such great companions. There can be a very strong connection between both human and pets. We both have our likes and dislikes and our routines. Pets know our moods and how to comfort and we comfort pets in times of stress as well. Hey, people even dress pets and paint their nails! Yes, I can say my youngest child the other year painted our guinea pigs nails and our dog’s as well. It was a safe non-toxic polish and of course bright pink!

When humans pass, it’s usually tradition to celebrate the life of that loved one and of course grieve in our own way. This is usually done at funeral service.

There are services and pet cemeteries for our pets too. It is a way of respect for saying thanks to our pets and like humans; it’s to celebrate and aid in the grieving process as well.

So having said that, if humans pass and become a spirit or to heaven; why would it be any different for animals?

If you look at humans and animals passing, we both go in similar ways. It may be from illness, accident, old age or unexpected situations. I’m not saying we are animals but we both have organs, systems and anatomy that need to work properly in order to live. When one or all shut down, that’s when both species pass.

So I like to call the human or animal bodies, vessels. They body or vessel serves our purpose to hold our spirit while on earth. When we no longer need these vessels our spirit leaves the vessel and becomes a spirit that crosses the veil in to heaven or the universe. Heaven is all around us. This is why some people say after a pet has passed, they hear noises or feel like their dog or cat jumped on their couch. Well, they most likely did.

So when you lose a pet, they are still here in spirit. If you feel that you hear them or see them out of the corner of your eye, remember to say “Hi. They can hear you and are stopping in to say “Hi” and visit.

Have you ever felt that your pet that had passed has come back to visit you? What happened and what did you do about it? Drop me a line in the comments or email me at karen@channeled-wisdom.com

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