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Through our communication with the spirit world and body therapy services, you will receive unique wisdom and insight into your life, renewed energy, balance and relaxation.


  • Gain unique personal knowledge and insight and provide you with guidance on your relationships, career and health
  • Ease your grief and find closure with a loved one who has passed on
  • Clear your energy blockages, restore your equilibrium and rejuvenate your vitality
  • Reduce stress, find relaxation and a sense of peace


to help you find the service best suited to you. Remote sessions are available. To arrange your consultation, email:

Karen at karen@channeled-wisdom.com
Lorraine at lorraine@channeled-wisdom.com.




Karen has done many channeling sessions for me. Each session had a different message and purpose whether it be health, relationship, past lives and passed loved ones. Being able to connect with both my parents that have passed, has brought me comfort and closure on so many levels. I also have benefited from Chakra Balancing both in person and remotely. Both we equally successful. I was having trouble sleeping for many years. With just one Balance I started sleeping consistently throughout the night. I feel re-energized and a lightness after each session. A Chakra Balance is a must. Thanks Karen.
Patricia G.
Waterloo, Ontario
I had a lot of fear around a number of decisions I had to make. After the session with Lorraine and her guide, I suddenly felt backed up and no longer alone. It was very intense and wonderful to know that there is someone watching over me, especially after wondering so long about what to do. This session has been very powerful for me.
Lisa R.
Toronto, Ontario
Karen has truly given me closure with the loss of my husband; even-though he passed away many years ago. I now truly believe he is still with me and watching over me. To my surprise, Karen revealed information to me that only my husband and I knew. I was totally speechless, wow! Thank you. I recommend Karen and her life changing services.
Teresa S.
Waterloo, Ontario
A trip of 16,000 km (10,000 miles) that took me across the world from Australia to America led me to Lorraine. A meeting that would transform my life. Unbeknownst to Lorraine, I was still heavily grieving the loss of my youngest son, Ben, who had been killed three years previously at the hands of a drunken driver. During dinner Lorraine seemed distracted and I truly believe it was Ben trying to get her attention. In response to what I think was "spiritual pestering" by Ben, Lorraine kindly offered to channel for me. I had never had a channeling session before but readily agreed, as I was curious as to what I might experience. I had no idea that I would be in for such a surprise as Lorraine shared with me, with 100% accuracy, things about my son & our relationship that she could not possibly have known. The messages Lorraine passed on from Ben were an amazing gift and a true blessing. Ben was over 6 foot tall, strong and athletic. One of his favourite things to do was to put me in a crushing bear hug. "Ben has you in a bear hug, he's lifting you off the ground and kissing the top of your head" related Lorraine, at one point in the session. I could hardly believe my ears that she was recounting a common occurrence in my kitchen. The largest smile spread across my face. As a result of Ben's messages that Lorraine channeled for me, my grief recovery took a major positive turn. Previously, despite all of my efforts, including several counseling sessions, I could not shift from my feelings of despair and my lack of motivation. Lorraine's messages from Ben left me with a strong feeling of assurance that he is ok. They helped me move forward and put me on my road to recovery. I highly recommend Lorraine and her work. She is caring, highly professional and truly gifted. If you are feeling led to work with her, don't ignore the feeling as I trust you will be as blessed as I was. Thank you Lorraine.
Yvonne D.
Byron Bay, Australia
I could not believe Karen touched on areas of my health that have nothing to do with my feet, or so I thought. I am a true believer that the feet mirror the body.
Wendy K.
Waterloo, Ontario
I have been dealing with several health issues. I thought I would try Reflexology with Therapeutic Touch as a different avenue to compliment my traditional health care. To my surprise, I feel that it was the Reflexology that helped decrease my stress levels, which in return lowered my blood pressure. The Therapeutic Touch after each session brings me so much peace and a feeling of being more balanced and refreshed. I am so glad I tried these two services. Thank you.
Tracey P.
Waterloo, Ontario
I really enjoyed our session, Lorraine. How true that the messages that come through are not always what we expect to hear but they are always what we need to hear. It was so beautiful and gave me such joy, and provided guidance on my path that I feel deeply connected to.
Catie F.
Toronto, Ontario
I wanted to let you know what a powerful impact your treatment had on me. I actually was not in a good place when I sat down. However when I left, I felt so much stronger. The effect has continued this week and am actually doing some of the things Stephen advised me to do. It's working out so well! I've never had a Chakra clearing like that before. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Keep on doing what you are doing, Lorraine!
Jan M.
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON