Our Happy Customers

Karen has done many channeling sessions for me. Each session had a different message and purpose whether it be health, relationship, past lives and passed loved ones. Being able to connect with both my parents that have passed, has brought me comfort and closure on so many levels. I also have benefited from Chakra Balancing both in person and remotely. Both we equally successful. I was having trouble sleeping for many years. With just one Balance I started sleeping consistently throughout the night. I feel re-energized and a lightness after each session. A Chakra Balance is a must. Thanks Karen.

Karen has truly given me closure with the loss of my husband; even-though he passed away many years ago. I now truly believe he is still with me and watching over me. To my surprise, Karen revealed information to me that only my husband and I knew. I was totally speechless, wow! Thank you. I recommend Karen and her life changing services.

I’ve had a Chakra Balance both in person and via Skype with the same benefits. I felt calmer, more balanced, relaxed and ready to tackle the day. I find it truly amazing that energy work can have such a positive, profound impact on my health. When I feel off, I run to get my chakras balanced.

The difference was clear after one foot was done. Wow! I did not even know my feet were swollen. The colour had changed and now there is better blood flow. My feet felt amazing after the session and I was very relaxed.

I could not believe Karen touched on areas of my health that have nothing to do with my feet, or so I thought. I am a true believer that the feet mirror the body.

I have been dealing with several health issues. I thought I would try Reflexology with Therapeutic Touch as a different avenue to compliment my traditional health care. To my surprise, I feel that it was the Reflexology that helped decrease my stress levels, which in return lowered my blood pressure. The Therapeutic Touch after each session brings me so much peace and a feeling of being more balanced and refreshed. I am so glad I tried these two services. Thank you.

I have been to other intuitive/mediums. I can’t believe what I experienced with Karen. I was speechless with the dead on information she knew about me and my situation. Thank you for the clarity and truth you bring. I am so thankful, I have found you. You are outstanding!!

Thank you for helping me reach and see my full potential. You have motivated me and stood by my side. Your support is what got me to where I am today. I am so blessed I have you in my life to share my successes.

Your energy is one to experience. I felt so comfortable to tell you all. I love that you hold no judgment or criticism. Your honesty and passion in what you do truly shows. Your one of a kind Karen Krysko!Sam

Karen nailed it again. She is the real deal and has helped me with major work decisions in starting my own business and has healed health issues that no other practitioner could. Its been years to find someone this amazing, but worth the wait. Thank you

Everyone needs a Karen in their Life!! There is something magical about her, yet so mindblowing. Thank you for your gifts.