Good or bad, you get what you allow in. Hear it from Karen’s spirit guide Grace.

How do you define your success? How or what do you base it on? Maybe there are even limiting beliefs that have you stuck from reaching success. Here is how to reach it.

Find out what’s going on in this world and why you need to take action!!

This is time-sensitive, in that it can only be done today December 21. Find out the three big energetic things that are happening and how you can manifest love tonight… at its heightened energy. Don’t forget to sign up for my online event in January where we will be activating intentions for 2021 and cutting cords and releasing people, relationships, and things that no longer serve you. Setting you up for an abundant 2021. Info can be found and sign up on my website at

Find out why relationships and communication are so difficult at this time. Hopefully, it will help ease things for you and allow you to understand what you need to do, to get through this time.

Get the update as to what the heck is going on!!

Find out how a past life session can support you on your journey to help break or give clarity on old patterns, habits, triggers, and attachments!!

Find out what energy suckers are and how why they do what they do.

Feeling a bit heavy, tired, grumpy, or like people are triggering you… here’s why…

Spoiler alert when it comes to blocks and why you may be experiencing them.