Alignment & Balance Video

By | 2019-03-27T20:41:02-04:00 March 27th, 2019|Uncategorized| Do you ever wonder why you feel the way you do for no reason? Or that you don't understand why things just are not going your way? Maybe you need to look into if your body energy is in alignment or balance. If you feel you need more help, a Chakra Balance may be [...]

Your Personal Library Of Wisdom

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If you knew that your life was already fully written and your journey has been set, would you be intrigued to see what lies ahead for you? Or not? Maybe you rather choose to enjoy the sweetness of what each day and moment brings. The temptation, I’m sure is there, to just take a small [...]

We Can Channel Living People

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My Mother is still alive. This is what a client said to me after I channeled messages from her Mother during one of my early sessions as a professional Intuitive. It took me by surprise for a moment.  But when I thought about it, it explained how her Mom had revealed herself to me during [...]

Why It’s Important to Stay Grounded

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I’m sure the title of this may sound a bit odd; “to stay grounded”.  Maybe it brings back childhood memories of doing something wrong and facing consequences like being grounding for your actions.  Well, I’m chuckling a bit as I had my fair share of grounding, but it sure kept me in line, “thanks, Mom [...]

How Earth’s Energy Affects You

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Have you ever noticed... that everyone around you is rushing, carrying on at a frenetic pace? Or they seem frustrated, distracted? Their actions/conversation appear disjointed? Or that you seem to be experiencing similar pressures or feelings? What do you attribute this to? The world today? That the pace of change and technology is so rapid, everyone is [...]

Out Of Body What??

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The curiosity and function of the brain is one that no neuroscientists will be able to fully explain or comprehend the ability it possesses. The brain is an amazing part of us all and that includes animals as well.  It should never be underestimated or taken granted of. The mind, when in focus can handle [...]