Spiritual Mentorship

These independent offerings are tailored to you specifically so that you can excel in your life journey.  You are unique just like these packages, and teachings will be based on your needs so that you succeed.

Contact Karen to set up your personal appointment to go over a plan that best suits your needs. Support@channeled-wisdom.com

Most industries focus on learning as-you-go programs.  These are not wrong, but using these alone will not get you the results you want when you have blocks and fears that you can not tap into yourself or if you have questions, there is no support to walk you through.

By doing personalized sessions I will take you step-by-step through a personal transformation that will change the way you look and live your life, attract love, build self-worth, and confidence, and open the gates to prosperity, joy, and freedom.


Who knew that meditation would be so difficult?  In this 1:1 mentoring, Karen will teach you the different ways to meditate and give you tools and tips to make it easy and effortlessly.  The added bonus is that Karen will create a personalized one-of-a-kind meditation for you that you will be able to listen to and keep forever as an mp3 that you can save to your phone! Talk about setting yourself up for success!! Book your session today by clicking the link at the bottom of this page!!

Ignite Your Intuition

Second guessing? Questioning if you’re  making “the right Choice” all the time? Or may you can’t decipher if fear is holding you back or if it’s a block that you can’t figure out.

You need to ignite your intuition by learning top tools and techniques that I use to use to help me trust in my own intuition.  These are simple, yet effective strategies that you can use for a lifetime.  Remember, that practice is part of igniting your intuition.  You will learn about EGO VS intuition,  different ways to help you tap into your intuition and how to use a pendulum.  If you want to step up your game and stop the anxious butterflies in your gut, then let’s ignite your intuition.

Set up your 15-min consultation so that Karen can customize the plan that suits you the best.  Link below.

Learn To Channel

This 7-week 1:1 learn-to-channel course is customized for you.  We will meet to take a look at where you are in your spiritual journey and customize each week to learn how to tap into your intuition and rev it up so that you can receive guidance from the divine.  In this course, you will learn different ways of channeling, EGO vs intuition, mediumship, spirit animals, intention setting and boundaries, and the correct way to connect with your own personal spirit guide.  If your always second guessing yourself, this is a must to build confidence and self-worth in your life with a side of divine!!  Karen has taught this course for over 12 years in person, online, 1:1 and groups.

Book a 15-min consultation with Karen to start your journey into channeling.

Archangels 101

Are Angels for real? Yes!! They hold some of the most divine power and protection for you.  Why not get to know the top Archangels and how each of them can support you in your life?  Get close and personal and feel the divine power when evoking them to support you where you need it.  It’s like guidance and support on demand.  When you invite the divine into your life, watch things change for the better.

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Mindset Manifestation

It all sounds so easy to change your mindset so that you can attract more into your life.  Hmmm, but just how do you do that when you don’t know where you’re going wrong with it?  Is there a subconscious block? We you in a tough relationship or brought up being degraded? Or maybe you don’t feel worthy enough to live a more prosperous fulfilling life?

Let me tell you that you stopped in the right place.  As your guide, I will help you release blocks, overcome limiting beliefs and set you up with personalized affirmations and top techniques to create and attract the right relationship, job, home, finances, and freedom you want in life.  This is customized for you as you are a unique individual and no one has walked your path.  So let go of the worry and fear and step into the best life that is waiting for you.

Spiritual Awakening Support

Feeling lost in trying to figure out what’s going on spiritually?  Are you seeing repetitive numbers or signs that you can’t figure out what’s going on?

Maybe you need help tuning into understanding how to hone into your spiritual awakening by learning all the terminologies that you can’t find online.  You will learn about meditation and the different ways it can be done. Then tap into what the 111 or the 333 and 555 mean or waking up at the same time each night.  Maybe you have repetitive dreams or see the same animal appearing and you have no clue why!!  Karen will tap into whats going on so that you have a clear understanding the next steps that need to be taken to awaken and shine your light bright. Sessions will depend on how much you would like to engage it.  This journey is about you and I’m here to guide you.

Let’s connect and I’ll help you though the transition. Book you 15-min consultation to take the nexts steps in your awakening.

Just so you know:

All 1:1 teachings are tailored to your own needs and where are you currently in your life.  Payment is due at the time of booking and there are no refunds and exchanges as these are tailored to you Karen will spend 1-2hr behind the desk creating your individual package.  Sessions are done remotely via Zoom or over the phone/WhatsApp phone.

Payment may be made via e-transfer, PayPal, or credit card over the phone.  A payment plan may be made for the Learn to Channel course.  All payment is made in Canadian dollars.

Contact us for more information or book online for your 15min complimentary consultation to receive more information.

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