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As an Intuitive Wellness Coach Specializing in your mental and emotional health; Sessions are personalized specifically for you to gain clear insight and perspective on the blocks and situations you’re feeling stuck in.  As a result, you will feel inspired, motivated, and determined to take control of your life, so that there is no more hesitation in decision making and you can create meaningful relationships and experiences.

As an intuitive, I use powerful strategies and techniques to receive information quickly and help facilitate your personal transformation so you can live a more balanced, happier, joyful life filled with freedom.  Through extensive training and working with thousands of clients including celebrities and public figures, intuitive coaching has gained momentum as the new form of healing.

Messages are received through intuition, spirit, and or passed loved ones. Receiving this in-depth knowledge will help you accomplish your visions, gain clarity, perspective and heal from past trauma or situations.  Sessions will empower and boost your self-worth, confidence and help you tap into your inner strength.

What you can expect in a session

Sessions are custom-tailored to create a personalized blueprint, so you ease your mind, deepen your connection with yourself and understand the next steps to take and what tools to use to excel the exceptional results you will experience.

Sessions may include questions about how to navigate current situations/challenges.  Past lives, communication with an unborn child, past loved one or pet.  Connecting with your guides, angels, and Archangels.  Intuitive development both personal and in your professional career.  Cord Cutting and clearing out energy.  Chakra Balance and realignment.

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The Whole Heart Healing Protocol was developed with you in mind. We have all had experiences that have touched us emotionally.  Whether it be loss, trauma, betrayal, judgment, abandonment, feeling rejected, or not worthy in one way or another. In doing this, we create energetic blocks that we may not be aware of, that become unhealthy patterns or triggers that hold us back from receiving unconditional love, joy, and an abundant life filled with freedom.

You may be experiencing this right now. The WHH Protocol will change all of that for you.  Using our Protocol,  we facilitate fast transformation with our revolutionary integrative healing approach.  We use mediumship channeling,  intuitive knowledge, combined with scientific and spiritual properties for deep profound, and impactful shifts that you will experience and can implement in your life.

Most industries focus on mindset and laws of attraction.  These are not wrong, but using these alone will not get you the results you want when you have blocks that you can not tap into yourself.  The Whole Heart Healing Protocol will only help you get rid of the blocks but it will take you step-by-step through a personal transformation that will change the way you look and live your life, attract love, build self-worth, confidence and open the gates to prosperity, joy, and freedom.

The WHH Protocol involves 8 sessions delivered via zoom. During the 8 sessions, messages often come in from the divine or loved ones. Together as we go through this journey, we will follow the WWH protocol allowing spirit to come in to guide each session. 

We will cover the 7 Major Chakras including Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.  It’s time to clear and detach old energy. We transition and calibrate each chakra so that you will no longer be thrown off mentally, emotionally, or physically.  Reboot, reset, and ready to go!! We will use the following WHH Protocol on each Chakra. 

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Reflexology promotes natural healing by using a method of applying pressure to specific points on the feet. These pressure points correspond directly throughout your nervous system and relate to your internal organs and glands.

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For each and every session I conduct on your behalf, I ask for the highest wisdom and truth to come through for you. I act as the channel for you and pass on, without censorship or judgment, the messages I receive for you. I will never add my own interpretation to your messages.  For coaching, I will inspire, empower and support you to reach your full potential of where you want to be.  It takes work on your part as well to achieve these goals.

Confidentiality: I will not discuss your name in conjunction with our client relationship and/or any personal information disclosed during your session.