Karen Krysko CPC, RRPr

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to connect with me.  Let me share my personal story with you.


From a very young age, I was given the ability to see into the spirit world and am highly intuitive. I knew this was not the norm for most.  I had many great friends growing up and lived a “somewhat” normal life trying to hide my experiences with spirit and intuition from family and friends.


I had to release and let go of my worries and fears, trying to trust and accept what spirit had in store for me. It was not easy even though it had always been part of my life.  But spirit wanted me to do more.


I approached my Grandma George and Aunt Patti when I was around 9 years old about what was going on.  I found out this gift ran in the family but no one spoke of it or maintained their intuitive gifts.  So, with their guidance and support, I worked endlessly for the next decade with spiritual teachers and gained a great deal of wisdom and knowledge. Yet, it was all still kept quiet.

I still dealt with many barriers and blocks throughout my life due to health, a past marriage, and worrying about the lack of support from family and friends with their beliefs.  I had to trust the universe and spirit to go through these new doors not knowing what was on the other side. Every obstacle leads to a new door that I can say, I walk through with great pride and confidence each time.


Each session is specific to you and your needs to help you at this point in your life.  We all have struggles but need to take the first step is to reach out and let me guide you though your next steps in life so that you can take back control feeling more powerful, limitless, and joyful.

Sessions are tailored to all ages and individual needs.  I also work closely with children and teens as well as parents that need support with their child that is diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and anxiety.  I am able to work telepathically with individuals that are unable to communicate.  This helps give them a voice and aids you as their caretakers with a better understanding of their needs.

15-minute complimentary sessions are offered to help you figure out the best service suited for you or to set up your customized sessions. Send an email to  support@channeled-wisdom.com.

You are here to live an exceptional life with ease and limitless possibilities, and I’m here to help you achieve it.

I am Certified as a Professional Life and Crisis Coach, Registered Reflexology Practitioner, and Professional link to connect with divine sources acting as a conduit to channel the spirit and living realm.

Services are not intended to diagnose any physical, mental, or spiritual ailment nor replace professional diagnoses and medical treatment of any sort. Copyright 2012 Channeled Wisdom | All Rights Reserved