About Karen George-Krysko

With guidance to hone my gifts in communicating with Spirit; I now offer healing sessions to help people all over the world, find comfort, answers and closure in their life. With these intuitive gifts it's my honour to help others bring balance, peace and joy to their own lives.

Your Personal Library Of Wisdom

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If you knew that your life was already fully written and your journey has been set, would you be intrigued to see what lies ahead for you? Or not? Maybe you rather choose to enjoy the sweetness of what each day and moment brings. The temptation, I’m sure is there, to just take a small [...]

Why It’s Important to Stay Grounded

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I’m sure the title of this may sound a bit odd; “to stay grounded”.  Maybe it brings back childhood memories of doing something wrong and facing consequences like being grounding for your actions.  Well, I’m chuckling a bit as I had my fair share of grounding, but it sure kept me in line, “thanks, Mom [...]

Out Of Body What??

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The curiosity and function of the brain is one that no neuroscientists will be able to fully explain or comprehend the ability it possesses. The brain is an amazing part of us all and that includes animals as well.  It should never be underestimated or taken granted of. The mind, when in focus can handle [...]

How Do Guides Manifest In Everyday Life?

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Phones ring, alerts beep to let us know of a new message coming through.  Kids at play or crying and dogs barking.  Driving in the city you hear sirens, horns honking, truck accelerating and motorcycles taking wind. We all seem to be attuned to these sounds, yet we still take note of them.  To some, [...]

What Does My Loved One Experience Before Death?

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A little baby is born.  Innocent, cute, and pure joy.  As with all things the days, months and years go by.  Babies turn into toddlers then, next thing you know you are dealing with teenagers and adolescence. You have cherished the many years you have watched these amazing beings grow, learn and become more independent [...]

Third Eye or 6th Chakra

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Your 6th Chakra is the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra. It is located between your eyebrows and gives a glorious and vibrant indigo or purple colour. It also resembles the image of an eye. Have you noticed that you second guess your decisions or can’t even make them?  This Chakra governs your inner intuition and [...]

Heart or 4th Chakra

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Do you feel you can give and receive love and kindness equally?  How much do you love yourself and others?  Their qualities are all associated with your 4th chakra also known as your Heart /Anahata chakra.  It is located in the heart/centre area of your chest.  It is bright green in colour when balanced and [...]

Sacral Chakra or your 2nd Chakra

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Your 2nd Chakra is the Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra. It is located between your belly button and your pelvic bone and is bright orange in colour. Are you having issues in your relationship with intimacy, desire or feeling a lack of pleasure? This Chakra governs Desire, Sexuality, Pleasure, and all planes of intimacy.  You will [...]