Everyone has Guardian angels watching out for them.  We usually have more than just one watching over us. There are thousands of guardian angels and some are assigned to you for above.  They are great at comforting you during the rough times and usually are around you in a crisis. They tend to intervene when disaster is about to strike and you need some guidance.  They are however, available when ever you need them as well, not just for a crisis.

If you meditate or have quiet time, you may feel them around you. You may feel a cool breeze around you or slight wind go by you.  You may get the goosebumps for no reason or you may just have that feeling that someone is around, but you can not see them.  There is nothing to fear.  They are loving and kind and will only do what’s best for you.

Guardian angels can be unknown to you or they can be a passed loved one.  Yes, some guardian angels have been seen in the physical world when something tragic has or is about to happen.  You may hear people telling stories about an accident site or almost to be accident and there was or they saw a person helping them or someone else, yet this person was to never be seen or heard of again.

These are the stories where guardian angels intervene into our lives to help us when it’s not our time to go.  Or If it is our time to go, they also may be around to help comfort us.

We all need to give thanks for these unknown guardian angels in our everyday lives that help us along the way and ask for nothing back in return.

Don’t be shy to ask for their comfort, guidance, and support for any situation.  They are just happy to be of service to you.

When I reflected on this message from Archangel Jeremiel I was struck by the appropriateness of him being the last Archangel we channeled.

Have a  listen and you will understand what I mean.

Very fitting, non?