Phones ring, alerts beep to let us know of a new message coming through.  Kids at play or crying and dogs barking.  Driving in the city you hear sirens, horns honking, truck accelerating and motorcycles taking wind.

We all seem to be attuned to these sounds, yet we still take note of them.  To some, we may be so curious as to look and see where and what direction the sound is coming from.

The point of this all is that we take note and sometimes act on it.  We follow up with what’s going on with that noise, especially if there is a fire truck in action.  It’s like our adrenaline kicks in when we hear the sirens and our minds start to wondering of what could be happening.   Even hearing a motorcycle, some turn to see the speed, type of bike it is and even who is riding it.

So, when we are given signs from our Spirit Guides; why don’t we follow or listen to them?

If you are not familiar with a Spirit Guide; it is a helping Spirit that we all have from birth that helps us out in life along our journey by guiding us and helping with our specific purpose.  Now, this is a short explanation but there are more specific blogs in the blog page directory if you wish more clarification.

Back to our Guides or Spirit Guides.  They are there for us along our journey and they leave us hints along the way.  Why would they leave hints for us?  Well, a few examples are; If you’re looking for a change in career or a new job, trying to make a decision big or small or have questions you need to be answered.  Our Guides are there for us leaving messages to help us along our journey.

They will keep leaving these clues to try and grab your attention.  Some may be as subtle as an ad on a Tv or in a magazine.

Ever see a truck with a familiar name on it, a street sign or licence plate that you find a coincidence with what it says?

These are all simple signs usually from your Guide to help you along the way.  Helping you find clarification, guidance, and answers that you’re looking for.

So next time you stumble across subtle signs that keep showing up all over the place take note and put the puzzle pieces together.  And remember to give thanks for the love and support that is always there.



Do you ever see repeating numbers or patterns of numbers?

This is Spirit communicating with you! It isn’t random at all. In fact, it is very deliberate. And all these numbers have meanings. Kind of like a coded message, especially for you.


This combo of numbers is what Spirit has been showing me lately. This picture is from my car odometer last week. I was driving and had the nudge to look at my odometer and there it was. And it wasn’t the first or last time that Spirit has been showing me these numbers recently. I’ve been woken up at 1:10 a.m. quite a few times over the last two weeks. And random glances at my stove clock has shown me 11:00 a.m. or 1:11 p.m. I opened my iPad the other night and there it was – 10:11 p.m.

What is Spirit telling me with 1s and 0s?

Briefly, that there are new beginnings coming for me and to keep my thoughts positive. This is very relevant for me right now as I am experiencing a shift on my spiritual journey. I can feel it physically – aches and desire for more sleep – typical of a growth period. And I have a sense that there is a change coming for me.

What about 333 or 444 or 555?

These are fairly common repeating numbers for people to see. Basically, 3s and 4s are letting you know that you are surrounded by your Angels and Ascended Masters and they are looking out for you. When you see these numbers, think about what you are experiencing in life and know that you are being looked after. 5s herald that a change is coming for you.

So is 666 a sign of the Devil?

No! It’s been co-opted by fiction and the movies effectively but it has nothing to with the Devil. 6s are about balance and peace, faith and love. It is about trusting the Universe and Spirit to support you in achieving your goals and desires. So, please, let go of the association of 666 with the Devil and don’t be freaked out if this sequence of numbers keeps coming into your awareness. It is all good!

Want to learn more about numbers and their meanings?

The first resource I started out with was Doreen Virtue’s book “Angel Numbers” and I still use it now and then. The other resource that has become my go-to is a website by Joanne Walmsley Sacred Scribes Australia. You can find it as

Enjoy the connection with Spirit through numbers.

Once you start to notice them, you will find you notice them a lot. And the same ones will turn up for a period of time. Over time, the numbers will change as Spirit communicates a different message to you.