Do you have a hard time making decisions and trusting in your gut or intuition?

Well this can help you with simple decisions and learn to trust your intuition again.

It’s called a pendulum. It usually looks like a string or a chain that has a crystal or an object handing from the bottom of it. Sometimes there is also a small bead, loop or crystal on the top where you can hold it.

So what is a pendulum used for?

Many use it to gain insight to certain Yes, No questions they may have. As when using a pendulum you are quieting your mind and letting your higher self and spirit answer the question from a place of peace and pure love.

If you are distraught or not in a good place then it would not be best to use this method, as your intentions will not be aligned with a positive truthful outcome.

When your intent is good and clear you can try using a pendulum for simple Yes, No questions. The more experienced you get with it, you can then do more advanced questions.

You can make your own pendulums as well. A simple string or chain with a ring on the bottom or a rock tied in. You can use anything you want. Go out in nature and make one.

To hold the pendulum you hold the top usually in your receiving hand between your thumb and third finger. If this is not possible then use what is comfortable.

Now that you have your pendulum you need to find out how it will swing for you when you ask questions. Because there is only a Yes and No answers this will be your first question.

With the pendulum between your fingers and hanging still, concentrate on how the pendulum will show you your yes swing. Be patient. You can say out loud or mentally. Please show me my Yes swing.

Once you have found your Yes swing, now find your No swing and then your undecided swing. But usually when you know your Yes and No, the last way is your undecided.

Why an undecided answer. Well sometimes there are things that we just do not need to find out or know at this point in your life. So you will not get an answer.

Now, go have fun with your pendulums. Just do not abuse it or your Ego will pop in and it will not work.

Here are some starter questions you can use.

1. Is my name __________
2. Do I Live in _________________
3. Have I lived in a previous life time?
4. Should I make spaghetti for dinner?
Keep practicing with this. It is a great tool to have.

Remember to share this with your friends and family. It’s great for the whole family to try!

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There are times when you want to be told what to do.

You are agonizing over a decision. Or feeling stuck, with no sense of direction. Or you want to be told what your purpose is. You want a clear answer.

You to go to Spirit for unbiased advice. To get clear directions.

You’ve got expectations that Spirit is going to give you what you want. And then Spirit gives you a message that is vague. Maybe it’s just an image. Maybe it’s a metaphor. Maybe it’s resounding silence.

You don’t get the answer or step-by-step instructions you wanted.

You’re disappointed, right? Maybe even angry at Spirit.

I can relate. I’m relocating cities and I’ve sold my house in Toronto. I’ve been house-hunting in London, Ontario but I can’t find anything. I’m the type of person who likes to make things happen quickly. This is not happening for me. Time is running out. I’m frustrated. When I asked Spirit for direction, I got “Your house will turn up. Don’t worry.” Argh! And then my guide, Stephen, showed Karen a picture of the house but instructed her not to tell me what it looks like. It’s maddening.

Why does this happen? Why are there times when Spirit’s response is less than clear? It’s not done to make us crazy. It’s actually done to help us. Really.

Spirit always knows what we need. It may not be what we want, but it is what we need. When Spirit provides a response that isn’t clear it’s because we need to learn or figure out something for ourselves. It is meant to help us grow. If Spirit answered all our questions for us, we would stop learning and growing. We wouldn’t learn to further tap into our intuition. We wouldn’t strengthen our trust and belief in ourselves.

Spirit is helping us move forward on our journey by helping us grow as individuals. Spirit is teaching us that sometimes the answers are within us. We just have to dig for them. And we become stronger for it.

What lessons is Spirit teaching me on my house hunt? Patience, for one! That things don’t always go according to my timeline. That control is overrated. There are times when it is good to let things evolve outside my control. Trust. That I can trust my intuition to know when I’ve found the right house. Which will strengthen my belief in myself. And therefore my self-confidence.

When you get that vague message (or silence) from Spirit don’t rail against it. Accept it. 

Know that Spirit is doing it out of love for you. Spirit is leading you on a journey for your own personal growth. Embrace the lesson. And take deep breaths!


Have you ever had a dream of flying?

Or wished you could fly from Canada to France or anywhere in the world?

What about space? Flying by planets and the Milky Way and seeing galaxies that are beyond your imagination.

Oh it’s possible. I have done it. Yes, I have flown around the world and been to space. It is breathtaking and something that is so real and memorable. All so relaxing, beautiful and so much wisdom during each visit.

Sound cool eh?

What if I told you I did it from my very own home?

It’s called astral travel.

As humans we all have our physical vessels which are our bodies. We also have our soul which is the energy and spiritual part.

During astral travel our spiritual soul leaves our body and can travel and visit anywhere and with anyone. We are still connected by an energetic cord so we are not in the stage of dying. We are just experiencing astral travel. Sometimes people notice themselves jump in their sleep. Usually this is due to the spirit coming back into the body before our vessels wake up. It’s rushing to get back into its vessel so we are connected when we wake up.

During astral travel we can learn so much along the way from the people we meet and where we go. We can oversee things and it can help with decisions we may have or fears that we need to overcome.

Can everyone do it?

Yes, we can all astral travel. Sometimes people practice to do it, because you have to be the proper state of sleep to astral travel. You need to be totally relaxed and in a slight meditative state. Some people can do it just like breathing, It just comes natural.

Just think, a free ride and you can work by day and fly by night.

Have you had an out of body experience? Tell me about it, I want to hear where you went!

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