Why Spirit’s Messages Are Sometimes Ambiguous

There are times when you want to be told what to do.

You are agonizing over a decision. Or feeling stuck, with no sense of direction. Or you want to be told what your purpose is. You want a clear answer.

You to go to Spirit for unbiased advice. To get clear directions.

You’ve got expectations that Spirit is going to give you what you want. And then Spirit gives you a message that is vague. Maybe it’s just an image. Maybe it’s a metaphor. Maybe it’s resounding silence.

You don’t get the answer or step-by-step instructions you wanted.

You’re disappointed, right? Maybe even angry at Spirit.

I can relate. I’m relocating cities and I’ve sold my house in Toronto. I’ve been house-hunting in London, Ontario but I can’t find anything. I’m the type of person who likes to make things happen quickly. This is not happening for me. Time is running out. I’m frustrated. When I asked Spirit for direction, I got “Your house will turn up. Don’t worry.” Argh! And then my guide, Stephen, showed Karen a picture of the house but instructed her not to tell me what it looks like. It’s maddening.

Why does this happen? Why are there times when Spirit’s response is less than clear? It’s not done to make us crazy. It’s actually done to help us. Really.

Spirit always knows what we need. It may not be what we want, but it is what we need. When Spirit provides a response that isn’t clear it’s because we need to learn or figure out something for ourselves. It is meant to help us grow. If Spirit answered all our questions for us, we would stop learning and growing. We wouldn’t learn to further tap into our intuition. We wouldn’t strengthen our trust and belief in ourselves.

Spirit is helping us move forward on our journey by helping us grow as individuals. Spirit is teaching us that sometimes the answers are within us. We just have to dig for them. And we become stronger for it.

What lessons is Spirit teaching me on my house hunt? Patience, for one! That things don’t always go according to my timeline. That control is overrated. There are times when it is good to let things evolve outside my control. Trust. That I can trust my intuition to know when I’ve found the right house. Which will strengthen my belief in myself. And therefore my self-confidence.

When you get that vague message (or silence) from Spirit don’t rail against it. Accept it. 

Know that Spirit is doing it out of love for you. Spirit is leading you on a journey for your own personal growth. Embrace the lesson. And take deep breaths!


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