Yes, Conan could be your Spirit Guide. “How can a fictional character be my Spirit Guide?” you ask? Read on to find out.

Spirit Guides, like all spirits, are light in their true form.

There are various belief systems in the world, however, what seems to be universal is the belief that when you die, you “go into” or “return to” the light. That is because our spirits are formed of light and when we leave our bodies, we return to the source of light.

Spirit can take on any form it wants.

While light in their true form, spirits are able to take on any form they wish. They do this to be recognizable to you. For example, if you want to speak with your Mother who has passed away, she could come through just as a bright light but its more likely she will come through in the body she had when she was your Mother so you know that it is her.

To help you, your Spirit Guide will take on a form that has significance for you.

I have a guide that is a Native American Medicine Man. He takes this form because I knew him as such in a past life and because he is also here to help me with healing. One of Karen’s guides is Archangel Rafael. Archangel Rafael is known worldwide for appearing as a green light. He always appears this way to Karen. This is how she was first able to identify him and how she knows whom she is working with during a session.

And, yes, Spirit Guides will turn up as fictional characters.

If Conan has turned up as your guide, it may be because you need a figure that helps you feel safe and protected. Or because you need a strong supporter. Or it may be that you are interested in the time period he is associated with. Don’t worry too much about the form your Spirit Guide takes. Simply enjoy the connection, guidance and love.

Occasionally, Spirit Guides’ appearances change over time.

What do I mean by this? Imagine if Jesus showed up the very first time you connected to your Guide. You might be intimidated, overwhelmed or afraid to connect again. To avoid this, Jesus will turn up in a form you are comfortable with, such as an animal. When you reach a point where you will accept him as your guide, he will emerge in his true form.

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You followed Karen’s 4 Tips to Meet Your Spirit Guide and received some messages. BUT you’re unsure if the messages came from your Spirit Guide or yourself. So how do you tell the difference? Here are 5 signs to help you distinguish where the message came from.

1. Your message was positive.

If your message was of love and pride, than I can assure you that was your Spirit Guide speaking to you. Our Guides love us very much and they are our biggest cheerleaders. They will tell us often how much they love us and how proud they are of us. And think about it – how often do you tell yourself you love yourself and that you’re proud of yourself? More often than not the messages we give ourselves are negative. (And we need to STOP that!

2. You don’t normally talk that way.

If the message contained words you don’t normally use or some you don’t recognize, then it was your Guide. (I’ve had to look words up in the dictionary!) If the style of speaking was different than yours or the pacing of the message was slower or faster than you normally speak, then it was your Spirit Guide.

3. The message was accompanied by a physical sensation of some sort.

A lot of people feel a tingling sensation on the crown of their heads when connecting with their Spirit Guides. (This is the Crown Chakra which connects you to higher consciousness and awareness.) Maybe you felt energy flowing in your hands. Or a drop in temperature. Or a rush of love through your heart centre.  Sometimes, people receive a scent out of nowhere. If you had some sort of physical sensation, this is a manifestation of your Guide’s presence.

4. Your imagination was never this good!

Maybe you saw yourself in another lifetime fighting off a dragon. Or saw an animal and it spoke to you. Or maybe you received a message that you need to visit a city you have never, ever thought about visiting.  This is not your imagination. This is your Guide communicating with you.

5. The tone of voice didn’t sound like yours.

If you hear the message in a voice that doesn’t sound like yours at all – you don’t even need to me to say it. 😉

You might have an element of disbelief when you first start communicating with your Spirit Guide(s). Karen and I did, too. Everyone does. When you are questioning where the message came from, ask yourself if any of these 5 signs appeared. If one or more did, you can trust the message was from your Guide.

With practice, you will gain confidence in your ability and be better able to distinguish where the messages are coming from.

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Are you ready to gain wisdom, insight and start a new relationship with the invisible friend you have had by your side day in and day out from before birth?

Or have you heard about Spirit Guides and you are an adventurous person that is ready to start a new journey? Whether you fit into the categories above or not, you can use these 4 simple steps to meet with your Spirit Guide.

Let’s get started. Are you ready? Oh, a quick tip for you before we get started. You may want a blanket or sweater near. Sound crazy? But actually the air temperature may drop when Spirit is present and you may get the chills.

Now, lets move on with the 4 Simple Steps to connect with your Spirit Guide.

1. Lose Any Distractions Around You
That’s right turn off the radio, television and ringer on all phones. Some people even find that in areas where there are a lot of WiFi zones it can be harder to connect with Spirit. This is due to the frequencies and sound waves we do not tune into consciously. You might want to turn off your WiFi on your computer and phones.
Once you have lost all distractions you are ready to move on to number two. That’s easy enough so far.

2. Find A Comfortable Spot Where You Can Be In A Sitting Position
Alright, so we have lost all distractions – now you may take a seat. I find at first it may be easier to sit then lay down. Some people that lay down get too comfortable and fall asleep. So I suggest being in a seated position where you can sit for at least 10-20 minutes, or for whatever time you may have available.
Now that you are seated you may want to cover up with that blanket or sweater if you have not done so. While in the seated position you want to relax your whole body and let go of any thoughts.
Breathe in through your nose and let it out through your mouth. Take nice deep and slow breaths. You want to slow your breathing here as it will help with relaxation. On your exhalation you may find making a quiet sound of “haaaaa” will help you focus on your breath and relax even further.

Let’s move on to number three once you are relaxed and have practiced your breathing.

3. Intent
Now that you are relaxed you may choose to keep your eyes open or closed. One way is not better than the other. Just do what feels most comfortable.
This is now the time you want to set the intention for this session. This may be said mentally or out loud. Spirit can hear both ways just fine.
You can make up any intent statement as everyone has their own comfort zone and connection to words. I will give you a simple and easy one but feel free to add or change it all together. “I ask to connect with only the highest pure energy source in connecting with my Spirit Guide. Thank You”. This statement of intent is to connect with your Spirit Guide at the highest vibrational level of good. Remember to give thanks at the end.
Spirit should always be respected and thanked.

4. Connecting With Your Spirit Guide
So you have stated your intent and now are ready to allow your Spirit Guide to come through to meet you. This is the part where you have to keep what I call your ego self out. Your ego self is the part of you where emotions can run wild and you over think things. It is not the purest part of you. You want to keep your ego self out and think from what is called your true self or pure soul within. You can picture your ego sitting on the park bench as your true self walks away.

Now that your ego is on the sidelines, you are breathing and relaxed and have made your statement of intent you may notice some changes. You may feel a drop in room temperature and get the chills. Or you may intuitively know that there is someone else is in the room with you. Do not be alarmed, your Guide is now present and brings only feelings of love and peace.

Some people may experience other sensations like tingling on a part of their body, like a hand or the head. You may experience a warming on your arms or hands. An itch or a sneeze are also all common signs your Guide is connecting with you. You may experience something totally different then what we have discussed. It will be gently and loving.

You also may see in your minds eye what your Spirit Guide looks like. Do not have any expectations here. Your Guide may show up in your mind’s eye in human form or like crystals, beams of light, water, minerals or a shape. They will show up how they feel you will be most comfortable to connect with them. Remember your Guide can change shape or form. So for months or years your Guide may be a rock and you know their energy feels masculine, then one day you connect again and your rock is now Jesus or another Ascended master. Spirit never ceases to surprise me with their amazing abilities and how respectful they truly are of us. Do not get down if you can not see anything in your minds eye. This takes some several times before they can.

Lastly, listen with your inner ear. When I say inner ear this means inside your mind. When your mind is quiet you may hear a friendly “Hi or Hello” or even your name. This is your Guide communicating with you. You many also ask a question out loud or mentally. You can listen with your inner ear or ask for signs or symbols in the physical world as your answer. Again after any question say “Thank you” to your Guide.
Now it’s time for the closing. You have spent your time connecting with your Spirit Guide and now you are ready to close it off. All you have to do is give thanks again. You can add a little gesture or cue so your Guide knows that this is your closing sign and you are all done for now. For example you could say “Thank you for this time we have spent together” you can add “Amen” to the end of it with a slight nod of your head or a crossing of your hands. You just want to keep the closing the same each time so your Guide knows it’s time to close your session down. It also shows respect to your Guide and yourself.

You can now open your eyes if they were closed. Sense how amazing you feel. I always suggest to go and have a glass of water to rehydrate. Working with energy can be dehydrating. Remaining hydrated also helps to connect with Spirit more easily. It is very normal to feel thirsty after any energy work and a bit tired.

So how did it go? I would love to hear about your experience whether you connect with your Guide or not. If you found you could not quite receive anything yet, don’t give up. This takes time and practice. You can keep repeating the 4 steps above each time you want to connect with your Spirit Guide.

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