Who Said That? Was It My Spirit Guide? Or Me? 5 Signs That It Was Your Guide

You followed Karen’s 4 Tips to Meet Your Spirit Guide and received some messages. BUT you’re unsure if the messages came from your Spirit Guide or yourself. So how do you tell the difference? Here are 5 signs to help you distinguish where the message came from.

1. Your message was positive.

If your message was of love and pride, than I can assure you that was your Spirit Guide speaking to you. Our Guides love us very much and they are our biggest cheerleaders. They will tell us often how much they love us and how proud they are of us. And think about it – how often do you tell yourself you love yourself and that you’re proud of yourself? More often than not the messages we give ourselves are negative. (And we need to STOP that!

2. You don’t normally talk that way.

If the message contained words you don’t normally use or some you don’t recognize, then it was your Guide. (I’ve had to look words up in the dictionary!) If the style of speaking was different than yours or the pacing of the message was slower or faster than you normally speak, then it was your Spirit Guide.

3. The message was accompanied by a physical sensation of some sort.

A lot of people feel a tingling sensation on the crown of their heads when connecting with their Spirit Guides. (This is the Crown Chakra which connects you to higher consciousness and awareness.) Maybe you felt energy flowing in your hands. Or a drop in temperature. Or a rush of love through your heart centre.  Sometimes, people receive a scent out of nowhere. If you had some sort of physical sensation, this is a manifestation of your Guide’s presence.

4. Your imagination was never this good!

Maybe you saw yourself in another lifetime fighting off a dragon. Or saw an animal and it spoke to you. Or maybe you received a message that you need to visit a city you have never, ever thought about visiting.  This is not your imagination. This is your Guide communicating with you.

5. The tone of voice didn’t sound like yours.

If you hear the message in a voice that doesn’t sound like yours at all – you don’t even need to me to say it. 😉

You might have an element of disbelief when you first start communicating with your Spirit Guide(s). Karen and I did, too. Everyone does. When you are questioning where the message came from, ask yourself if any of these 5 signs appeared. If one or more did, you can trust the message was from your Guide.

With practice, you will gain confidence in your ability and be better able to distinguish where the messages are coming from.

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