So intent can mean different things to different people depending on the conversation. The “Intent” I wish to inform you about today in this blog is about the Intent that you set forth into the universe. May it be connecting with spirit, channeling or even asking the universe for something.

Let’s dig in to the dirt and put this to practice. Ready? Let’s go….

You need to concentrate on a specific statement you are going to be using. This is where you need the thought of the intent to be clear, focused and do not have the solution or the outcome you are looking for. Usually this is the hardest part people have to overcome. Many want to provide the route of outcome to the specific question or goal they may be intending. So they are thinking of what they want and then they think of how they want it to happen. Do not do this, it will not benefit you.

So here is an example of how NOT to send out your intent. The scenario is, you have a family member that is ill and you want them to have a full recovery. Here is the incorrect way for sending out the intent…. I ask for the highest healing spirit to heal my friend that is sick with a bad virus. I want you heal them right away with the medication so we can bring them home as it’s their birthday. OK, so this is all wrong. It will be so scrambled when it is sent out to the universe, nothing will happen.

Remember your intent needs to be clear, from the heart (you truly want this healing to happen) and then you need to release it. So you could try something like this. “I ask for Jane Doe to be surrounded with the green light of healing. I thank you for healing Jane Doe fully and completely. Thank you”

As you can see your intent shows the person or thing you are requesting and you are stating it in past tense as if Jane is already healed. Also, the one holding this intent has to go into this  believing and knowing that Jane is healed.

If you go in subconsciously not truly wanting something or are afraid and unsure, you are counteracting what you want. No healing with take place then.

So remember intent is a big thing if you want it to work on all levels for any goals, prayers or accomplishments you may have.

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Yes, you have many Spirit Guides with you!

You may not be aware that you have more than one Guide to help you during your lifetime.

You have one dedicated Spirit Guide that joins you at birth and stays with you until death, what I will call your “Main” Guide. Other Spirit Guides come into your life for varying durations and you will have some simultaneously.

Guides come in and out of your life for specific reasons.

Spirit Guides come into your life to help you with challenges, growth, and learning. These Guides have a specific purpose and stay as long as you need them.

Sometimes Guides stay for a few weeks, months or many years. These Spirit Guides may be with you constantly or they may come and go over their assigned time.

For example, just before I took my first Intuitive course, I had a Guide name Helen suddenly appear in my life. She announced her arrival as tingles on a specific area of my upper right arm. When I asked, Helen explained she was there to help me with my training.

The tingles were always there and I would check in when I needed Helen’s help grasping or clarifying the concepts I was learning. Helen stayed with me for a few months after I finished my second round of training as a professional Intuitive.

I have another Spirit Guide, Therese, that comes and goes, using tingles on my right forearm to announce her presence. She pops in to remind me to have fun and not take things so seriously. She has been with me close to two years.

Your Spirit Guides come in many guises.

Often, when people think of Spirit Guides, they picture them as people. And many guides do take on human form. But just as many don’t.

I know people who have Guides that are animals, insects, rocks, aliens or just beams of light.

The form a Guide will take on has special significance for you and for the reason they are with you. And they may change over time.

Your Main Guide can introduce you to your other Guides.

If you are wondering if you have more than one Spirit Guide (who you may already know) or feel like you have more than one, ask the Guide you are familiar with (usually your Main Guide) to introduce you to the others.

As I’ve said, my new guide Helen showed up as tingles on my right arm. Most of my Guides show up as tingles. When that happens, I always connect to Stephen, my Main Guide, and ask him to make the introduction.

If you have never connected with one of your Guides and want to, please use Karen’s 4 Tips to Connect with Your Spirit Guide.

Ask your Guides what brought them to you.

Some of us may feel shy about asking our Spirit Guides why they are with us. Maybe we feel that is too demanding and that we should just wait until they want to tell us.

There is no need to stand on ceremony! Ask and if your Spirit Guide believes the time is right for you to know and understand their purpose, they will tell you. If the time isn’t right, they will tell you that, too! And you can always ask again later.

Don’t be afraid of any Spirit Guide that comes into your life.

All Spirit Guides come into our lives to teach us something. Sometimes we may be afraid of what our Guides might tell us. We shouldn’t be because the messages come with love and a Guide can bring knowledge to help us release a fear.

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