Metatron, Buddah, Jesus and Chiron. What do these well respected Spiritual icons have in common?

They are only a select few of thousands of Ascended Masters.

We have all heard the word Ascended Master, but do we really know what they are and how they became an Ascended Master?

Ascended Masters are believed to be Spiritual beings of light, who in past incarnations were human beings. During their time on earth and in between incarnations they have undergone intense spiritual learning to raise their vibration and consciousness.  This was all done at free will and part of their transformations called “initiations”. Initiations are different levels they reach. There are nine different levels. It’s almost like grades for school. Depending on the level depends on which dimension and teaching they have to offer or gain more knowledge.

Ascended Masters are not the same as Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides can incarnate back to earth; yet still are a high, pure, sacred being of light. As for the Masters, this was part of their process but once undergoing their initiations and hitting enlightenment at level 4, they no longer incarnate.

There are so many Ascended Masters, some names we may recognize and others we may not. Some are even looked at being mystical.

Ascended Masters can be called upon at any time for guidance and wisdom. Yes, that’s right. Ascended Masters can be channeled and may appear at different times in our lives to help us with teachings and guidance.  Yes, you can gain ancient wisdom and knowledge from the Masters!!

So, why would we want to call an Ascended Master to help out?

Each Master has certain qualities, abilities or specialties, if you may. So there are certain Masters that may be of assistance at specific times or in different areas in your life.  May it be healing, learning or deep wisdom.

Let’s take a look at a few Ascended Masters.

Ganesh is a healing cosmic master. He is known as the remover of obstacles and associated with learning and knowledge. Ganesh resembles an elephant with several hands. He is quite mystical in appearance. He may be called upon to help with obstacles you may be experiencing or when you have taken on a path to learn and gain knowledge.

Metatron is the highest of Angel’s and holds immense power; He works closest to God. The power and strength that comes from him gives the impression of being immovable and  strong ……yet his love and strength moves all. He is not one to work lightly with. He is one that works off the energy of God.

Archangel Raphael is another one that is well known. He is known for his overall healing abilities. I connect on a regular basis with Archangel Raphael for healing during Channeling and Chakra Balancing sessions. He is very loving and gets right to the point.

So when in need, feel free to call upon an Ascended Master that you are open and willing to work faithfully with. Remember to respect them and always give thanks for their guidance and wisdom they have to offer you. Maybe one day your name will be added to the Ascended list!!

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A very good question. One that we, as connected as we are to our Spirit Guides and followers of their direction are, struggle with occasionally. These are the three main things we’ve learned and hope that it helps you.

1. You are being given a lesson.

We all have lessons to learn while we live our lives. Not the ones we learn in school or at home – like math or cooking. Life lessons. How to be patient. How to overcome adversity. How to forgive. How to be humble.

Learning these lessons is part of your purpose in this life. They are given to you so that you grow; not only in this life but to move your forward in your next life as well.

Sometimes it feels like the lesson is never-ending. We wonder “Why?” And we ask for it to end. When it doesn’t end when we want, we doubt that we are being guided. This is not so. We are being guided. The lesson seems to be never-ending because we aren’t listening. We aren’t learning. Our egos have gotten in the way.

2. Your Ego has taken over.

It is a failing we all have. We believe we deserve certain things in life. We believe we know what is best for ourselves. So we stop listening to our guides and try to control outcomes. This never works in our favour and life gets painful.

For example, I disliked my job. I believed if I got further ahead, reached a certain professional standing and made more money, I would be happy. I worked hard and achieved those goals but happiness didn’t follow. I came to hate my career. As I moved up, I got sicker and sicker. My allergies worsened, my food sensitivities sky-rocketed. It got to a point where there were only about 10 foods I could eat. I wasn’t listening to my Guides. I was trying to force myself into a life that I thought was best for me. When I finally got tired of living this way and opened myself up to the idea that I was meant to do something else, my life changed. I allowed myself to realize that I didn’t know what was best. I opened myself up to the guidance that Spirit offered me and I followed it. I found my purpose and passion and I live it. And my health has improved dramatically. Now, there is nothing I can’t eat.

Our guides have the whole picture – we don’t. They know what is best for us. When we tune them out, and pursue a path based on ego, we pay the price.

3. It is someone else’s path.

You’ve lost a loved one. Or you are witnessing the suffering of a loved one and can’t help them. It hurts. But while it hurts, it isn’t always about your hurt, or your fear, or your frustration. It is about what that person has to learn in this life. That person had to pass at that point as it was his/her journey to do so. That person has to suffer physical or mental illness or harm because he/she is being given a lesson.

It doesn’t seem fair or just. However, there is always a light that comes out of it. It can lead to hope, strength, compassion, leadership, awareness or, as in death, the end of suffering. This is where Spirit Guides lead these loved ones – to light, learning and renewal.

Remember that this is his/her journey to enlightenment – and yours too. We have to remember that in every lesson, every misstep taken by our egos and pain that comes with our loved ones’ journeys, we are being led to light, peace and love.