Do you ever wonder how some kids just seem to know it all?

Or they seem so wise for their age?

They say something and it sounds like they could be giving you advice. Then they do something and it makes you wonder, how they knew how to do something like that or figure it out.

We are all built with intuition. It is in us the second we are born. It all depends on who continues to use their intuition. And sometimes us as parents can shift our child’s way of thinking and change their train of thought.

It’s not that we do this on purpose or have any intention in doing so. But it’s almost like we are telling them what to think and what to do.

We are at times very over protective and we always want the best for our children. But we don’t realize that we are instilling our thoughts and thinking patterns into them.

This leaves our kids relying on us to think for them. During this process our kids then lose out on their own intuition. When they no longer use their intuition other issues may arise.

Self-esteems and confidence are big ones that go with it. I have taught workshops and have worked with many kids on building up their intuition again. When I can help them build their intuition again, they will regain their self-esteem and confidence back. They feel good about the decisions they make not just at school and home. But they make wiser decisions when with friends and are out on their own. They are more confident to say “NO” and trust if they are in a bad situation, so they can leave to get out of it.

What parent does not want their child to feel confident in decisions they make? Or stand up for themselves and make better choices, may it be a school, with friends or for themselves.
It also shows in school and on sports teams. Do you see your kids hesitate on answering or asking questions? Or filling out work for school or deciding on what or how a project will look.

What about in sports. Do you see them hesitate on where to go or what their next move is?

This is all because they are seconding guessing their first though which, was their intuition. This process should be natural and they should just go with that first thought and know it was the best decision for them. But in today’s society everyone is trying to tell everyone else what to do and how to think. Why can’t we just speak for ourselves using our intuition?

After all our intuition comes from a place of purity, love and peace. It helps us in our journey to become better people. The obstacles only make us better. And in the end it sets our children up for a brighter future in being a leader and not a follower.

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Everyone who connects with Spirit experiences it in her/his own unique way with some sensations being universal. For me, it feels like this.


I always have tingles on my left arm from my Stephen, my Spirit Guide. Occasionally, these become so intense, my arm feels like it is on fire. Stephen does this when he wants to emphasize a particular message he is giving.

Sometimes the top of my head tingles during a session. For me, this indicates a download of information from another Spirit that I need to pay attention to.


When I am connecting with spirits of people who have passed, the temperature will often drop making me feel cool or cold. This is a fairly common sensation for most.

If you aren’t someone who channels Spirit, but feel you have a passed love one around you, this change in temperature is good indicator that they are there.


As strange as that sounds, when I am channeling, Stephen will often make my nose, and sometimes my cheekbones, itch. This is a signal to me to widen my field of vision to see a bigger image that he wants to give. It’s pretty funny to watch 😉


I will often sneeze during a session when another spirit, a guide or passed loved one, wants to come in and give a message. At times, I can catch the tingle in the nose before I sneeze. Which is helpful because when a sneeze comes out of nowhere it can be a bit startling!


Yes, unfortunately there are occasions when I experience uncomfortable sensations when I am channeling. Back pain. Hip pain. Grief. Nausea. These sensations either mimic what a client is experiencing or are a result of leftover energy imprints. Spirit has me experience these sensations so I can convey the messages that explain them.

Joyous. Loving. Comforting.

Thankfully, Spirit gives these sensations more often than the uncomfortable ones. They are physical sensations and feel really good!