Have you ever had a moment in time when you felt lost, hopeless, and feeling like there is nowhere to turn?

You felt so down you didn’t know whom to talk to?  It could have been late at night or on a weekend when you felt that no one was available to get a hold of.

This is where you hear of stories when people say they talked to God, the universe or a passed loved one.  They did this just to let out the mass flow of thoughts that they may have been processing in their mind.

We all go through times that we need guidance, comfort, and the feeling of love.  But in some of our darkest and low moments, it’s not always easy to be motivated to go out and seek those who can provide our needs for us.  Or we don’t want others judging us or even the slight chance of them telling someone else and thinking that we are weak and not capable.

So, let us backtrack a bit; Where we spoke earlier of people talking to God, the universe or a passed loved one.  Have you ever thought about the Angels?

Yep, that’s what I said.  Have you ever thought about asking for guidance, Love, Closure or just a listening ear from our Angels?

I have worked with many different Angels and Archangels since I was a child.  It only took me a little while to understand and realise that they were here to help guide me, send me comfort, love and they were my backbones for a very long time.  I still connect with them daily and am so grateful they have been part of my life and will continue to be.

Angels are always around watching over us and our family and friends.  They leave signs for us and you will see them if you are open and accepting.

Have you ever made a last-minute change in plans or taken a different route?  Did something happen and an accident prevented yet you don’t understand how it all happened?  Those are just a few simple examples of Angels by your side.

Do you see rainbows or feathers out of the blue?  Even hear angelic music in the middle of the night and thought you were sleeping? Ahh, Angels 101. So, comforting, and full of love!!

So, if you have not connected with the Angelic realm, Try it.  Talk to the Angels, let them hear your thoughts, fears, worries or your accomplishments, successes, and goals.

But, when you are looking for the Angels answers being sent you, be open to what’s around you.  Notice licences plates, street signs, repetitive numbers, magazines and TV shows as well.  Angels will try to communicate answers to you in any way they can and they will keep doing it until you notice it and understand it.

As I type this my loving Archangel Raphael connects with me.  He would like to pass a message on to you all.  Archangel Raphael says “All my loving friends.  I am so happy to connect with you all and send you love and healing light.  We are all beings of light and love.  With that, I ask of you to all spread the love and light, that you all carry within yourself.  Send love to those who are hurting around you or are in need.  Know that your intent sets the environment and atmosphere for in which you choose to live your life.  Angels are always around giving you guidance and love.  You just need to be open to feel our love and trust our guidance.  We will never lead you astray.  Take my hand to all those that are here and I fill you with love, light, guidance and confidence to move you forth in your journey”.

Thank you, Archangel Raphael, for your lovely message. And what a great way to end this.  Knowing how loving and readily available they are, for all of our needs.

Sending you all love and light from Archangel Raphael and myself.

You may have lost a loved one and want to connect with them through an Intuitive or Medium. During your channeling session, the loved one is asked to come forward but doesn’t.

Does this mean something is wrong with your loved one? With you? 

No. Not at all. If your loved one doesn’t show up during the session, it doesn’t mean that your loved one’s spirit is lost or is suffering. And it isn’t because you’ve done something wrong and your loved one doesn’t want to talk to you.

There are a couple of reasons why a loved one may not come through.

In the majority of instances when a client has asked to communicate with a specific loved one and that person hasn’t come through, it is because the client is in a state of grief in which having contact with that loved one doesn’t serve his or her best interests. I know this seems counterintuitive. You would think that having contact would help lessen the person’s grief. However, in the cases we’ve witnessed, the client has been in what we describe as a bubble or a cloud. Their grief is at a stage where contact wouldn’t serve them – it may deepen their grief. It doesn’t mean the passed loved one isn’t around. It is simply that the time isn’t right for communication between the spirit of the loved one and the person who is grieving.

The other case is that the spirit of the passed loved one isn’t ready to be communicated with. Again, this doesn’t mean that the spirit is lost or suffering – it is simply the case that the spirit or soul is in life review and have some things they need to come to terms with before they are ready to communicate with the living. For example, one client wanted to connect with her husband who had passed. The image that was presented to her was of him seated at a school desk with the message – “he is in school and unavailable”. She wasn’t surprised at all. In fact, it made perfect sense to her given how he had lived his life. But the fact that she was presented with his image at school still let her know that he was fine – just learning.

Could the reason be that the Intuitive or Medium isn’t qualified?

Yes. Not everyone who claims to be able to communicate with spirits of people who have passed on can actually do so. Be careful when you are choosing someone to make this connection for you. Check their background. Are they experienced with a proven track record? Have they been practicing for a while? Do they have legitimate testimonials? Were they referred to you by someone you trust? Can they refer satisfied clients to you? If the answer is yes to all of these questions but the connection still wasn’t able to be made, then the reason is for one of the two listed above, not that the person is unqualified.

You can also connect with your loved one yourself.

Ask your loved one to appear in a dream to you before you go to sleep. If it doesn’t happen immediately, don’t give up. Keep trying. If you still don’t have success after a few nights, ask yourself a few questions. Are you really ready to connect with that loved one? Is it possible that the loved one is in life review? Is there any fear in you, at all, about this connection that may be preventing it?

Are you receiving non-verbal communication?

Your loved ones are around. Are they leaving you objects that you might associate with them? Are you finding coins on the ground? (Pennies or dimes) Do you feel a chill in the air when you think of them? Are objects being moved in your house? These are all potential signs that your loved one is communicating with you in non-verbal ways.

So even if you can’t make the connection, feel free to talk to your passed loved ones. They can hear you.