We are all blessed with Spirit Guides that surround and support us. Before birth with the help of our higher-self we help select a Spirit Guide based on the best fit that will help give us those silent nudges in the physical world.

Everyone has one Guide that sticks with them from before birth to the time of their passing. We all also have many different Guides throughout our life, and at times we have several at ones.

Some Guides may pop in and out depending on what goals and accomplishments you are striving for. Spirit Guides also come from varying levels of consciousness. You may connect with a very high vibrational Ascended Master like Jesus or one that is at a lower level of vibration but that is still a master in a specific subject.

Spirit Guides may manifest as people, columns of light, animal’s, crystal’s, stones or virtually anything. Whatever you are needing throughout your lifetime you will have the appropriate guide that will help you along the way.  I find they come in ways we are able to handle or feel most comfortable with.  I started out with a Guide named John and since he help along my way of learning and support I have openly welcomed Grace in the mix.  Grace is my main guide for channeling sessions.  I do have an animal guide and also work with Archangel Raphael for healing sessions or he shows up in channeling sessions sometimes as well.  It amazes me how they know what we need at times in our lives.  I am truly blessed to work with these guides so I can serve people like you to help you along your journey.

You can call upon these great masters for assistance at anytime you need them. For example many people worry about their basic needs like money and shelter. This is where you can call for assistance from Archangel Ariel (AHR-ee-el). Archangel Ariel is there to support you with guidance in these areas of your life. Remember when asking for guidance you must not tell Spirit how to fix the problem. This is where you need to be short, sweet and to the point and let it go. Spirit will find the best way to help, if you or the other person is truly wanting the help.

From Lorraine’s and my experience, Spirit Guides will never lead you astray or give directions to do anything unethical or that will harm you or others. Spirit also does not want to startle you. Guides are supportive and give advice that you can take or leave at the door. As humans we have control over any decisions we make so if subconsciousness we are not wanting something, your guide will not overrule your free will.

Looking to connect with your Spirit Guide? It is totally possible to connect with them even if you have no experience.  You may have meet them in a dream already or felt their nudges and not even known.  They are amazing with so much knowledge for us to gain and help us along the way.

In my next blog, I will be sharing 4 simple tips on how to prepare to connect with your Spirit Guide.  So excited!!

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