I’m sure the title of this may sound a bit odd; “to stay grounded”.  Maybe it brings back childhood memories of doing something wrong and facing consequences like being grounding for your actions.  Well, I’m chuckling a bit as I had my fair share of grounding, but it sure kept me in line, “thanks, Mom and Dad” XOXO.


The type of grounding that I am talking about now, is not about punishment and getting sent to your room or sitting in a corner.  This type of grounding is energetical.  It’s a grounding used by our own physical energy as well as the universe and earth energy.


Do you ever feel spacey or lightheaded?  Or, have you zoned out and feet lost?  What about grumpy, agitated, a lack of feeling calm and keeping your cool?  Can you relate to any of these?  If you said yes, to anyone of them, then your energetic body may not be flowing and you may be out of alignment and not energetically grounded.


If you have experienced any of these feelings/symptoms at times, most people think the worst and start searching the internet looking for answers.  Only, to get searches that have lists and list of illness.   I’m sure you could fit into many illness categories of those online symptom checkers. Well, that’s not fun at all having to worry about something that very well may be as simple as re-grounding yourself. I’m not saying that this should override any medical physician’s advice and if you are not feeling well and that you should not see your physician.  Rather, if you have any of the above it could be that you need re-grounded.


Grounding can be very simple to do yourself or if you feel a spiritual mentor would be a better fit then you can do so as well.


When you are grounded you feel light and free.  Your thoughts are better processed and mind works more optimally in being able to organize and deal with whatever may arise.  You will also feel more at ease when stressful situations surround you.  Your body, when grounded, works better.  The energetic meridian lines flow which sets up your overall physical body to function properly.  When the meridians are flowing, the energy corresponds to your physical organs and systems that keep them working and functioning the way they should be.   Once people realize, and physically see how great they feel being grounded and go with minimal resistance about everyday life, in time they can differentiate the difference of being grounded and not.


Grounding is something that does need to be done time to time.  It just really depends on your lifestyle.


So, you wonder why can’t you just ground yourself once and be good to go?  Well like anything, the environment that surrounds us, may it be actions from people, weather, finances, relationship, work, and the list goes on.  Any of these all carry energy and we absorb these energies without knowing from time to time.  In return, it can throw you off and make you feel drained, agitated, irate or any of the other symptoms we discussed earlier.  This is all normal.  But then we need to remember to re-ground ourselves so we are in tip-top top shape.


So how can you re-ground yourself you ask?  I will give you a nice and easy, simple example.


Take off your shoes and go barefoot outside (if its nice outside) and get those toes in the grass.  Stomp your feet feeing the energy of the earth penetrate your feet and up throughout your body.  Take time to also breathe in the air.  If you really want to get the most out of it, put one hand palm up to the sky and your other hand palm down to the earth.  Then you switch hands and movement going one hand up and one hand down.  When you are at about the heart centre when crossing your hands put your hand in prayer hand mode and then you switch.  So, one hand up and one hand down, taking a deep breath in, now you bring the hands to the centre of the chest or heart and make prayer with your hands taking a deep breath out and then switching the hands.  Do this a few times and notice the lightness within you.  If you can not get outside due to the weather you can do this in the house as well.

If you are inside, you do all the same things.  Taking off your socks and stomping on the floor gently and picturing your feet are connecting with earth and grounding you.  You can do the same arm movements as well.


Once your start this practice you can do it as often as you like.  As you get use to it, you may do this every couple of days and then space it out further.  As time passes you will know and feel when you are not grounded and when it will be needed to be done again.  It’s amazing the difference how you will feel emotionally, physically, and mentally when in the state of being balanced and grounded.

Have you ever noticed…

that everyone around you is rushing, carrying on at a frenetic pace? Or they seem frustrated, distracted? Their actions/conversation appear disjointed? Or that you seem to be experiencing similar pressures or feelings?

What do you attribute this to?

The world today? That the pace of change and technology is so rapid, everyone is moving quicker, have shorter attention spans or are more easily irritated than before?

Is there a deeper, underlying cause that you may not be aware of? 

The Earth is undergoing some pretty major energetic shifts these days. Already in 2017, we’ve experienced numerous meteor showers, partial lunar eclipses, and a total solar eclipse. Look at all the various weather changes, events and shifting landscapes.

There is more than what the eye can see.

As human beings, we are made up of energy, so of course we respond to the unseen energy of the Earth and all its shifts. We can’t not be affected by the energetic changes taking place on the planet.

It can affect us emotionally and physically.

For some of us, the result is irritability, frustration, or short-temperedness. For others is might be distraction, little or no attention span or the need to rush. Physically, it can make us dizzy, achy or inexplicably tired.

What do we do?

Be aware of that what you’re experiencing could be the result of something outside yourself and your daily life. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t judge others when you find them to be in a less than optimal state of mind, body or spirit. Accept what is happening as out of your control. Go with the flow. Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with.

Ask yourself what you might do to feel better.

Do you need to remove yourself from certain situations, conversations, attitudes? Do you need to drink more water to hydrate and cleanse your body? Do you need a nap? Do you need to ground yourself? Do you need to meditate? Exercise?

Remember this won’t last forever.

Yes, we respond to unseen energetic shifts. There is no avoiding it. But we can learn to ride them rather than fight them – go with the flow. That perception goes a long way to alleviating the worry around what is happening. And the shifts only last for certain periods of time. You will soon find yourself returning to equilibrium again. It may be a new equilibrium, but you will feel in balance again.