How Earth’s Energy Affects You

Have you ever noticed…

that everyone around you is rushing, carrying on at a frenetic pace? Or they seem frustrated, distracted? Their actions/conversation appear disjointed? Or that you seem to be experiencing similar pressures or feelings?

What do you attribute this to?

The world today? That the pace of change and technology is so rapid, everyone is moving quicker, have shorter attention spans or are more easily irritated than before?

Is there a deeper, underlying cause that you may not be aware of? 

The Earth is undergoing some pretty major energetic shifts these days. Already in 2017, we’ve experienced numerous meteor showers, partial lunar eclipses, and a total solar eclipse. Look at all the various weather changes, events and shifting landscapes.

There is more than what the eye can see.

As human beings, we are made up of energy, so of course we respond to the unseen energy of the Earth and all its shifts. We can’t not be affected by the energetic changes taking place on the planet.

It can affect us emotionally and physically.

For some of us, the result is irritability, frustration, or short-temperedness. For others is might be distraction, little or no attention span or the need to rush. Physically, it can make us dizzy, achy or inexplicably tired.

What do we do?

Be aware of that what you’re experiencing could be the result of something outside yourself and your daily life. Don’t judge yourself. Don’t judge others when you find them to be in a less than optimal state of mind, body or spirit. Accept what is happening as out of your control. Go with the flow. Pay attention to the people you surround yourself with.

Ask yourself what you might do to feel better.

Do you need to remove yourself from certain situations, conversations, attitudes? Do you need to drink more water to hydrate and cleanse your body? Do you need a nap? Do you need to ground yourself? Do you need to meditate? Exercise?

Remember this won’t last forever.

Yes, we respond to unseen energetic shifts. There is no avoiding it. But we can learn to ride them rather than fight them – go with the flow. That perception goes a long way to alleviating the worry around what is happening. And the shifts only last for certain periods of time. You will soon find yourself returning to equilibrium again. It may be a new equilibrium, but you will feel in balance again.

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