Out Of Body What??

The curiosity and function of the brain is one that no neuroscientists will be able to fully explain or comprehend the ability it possesses.

The brain is an amazing part of us all and that includes animals as well.  It should never be underestimated or taken granted of.

The mind, when in focus can handle the deepest of pain and shift from depression to euphoria in a split second.  It’s something that we can control but with dedication and focus.

Meditation is a great way of helping understand how you can shift your thoughts and how to do it on demand.

When you can hold that focus, there are many things the mind is capable of.  As noted earlier I had mentioned you can control pain and emotion, but you can also do more fun things.

Ever hear of out of body experiences?

I’m sure you have from tv shows and people talking about near-death experiences.

It is when the spirit of your body leaves your vessel (body) and is attached by the silver cord still so it can come back in when done.  You can see yourself in whichever state you left it.  So, let’s use surgery for an example as most are familiar with hearing these stories.

Several people that have had surgery report having an out of body experience while under anesthetic.  They can see themselves lying on the table and see and hear what all the Doctors are saying and doing.  They have even traveled to the waiting rooms and homes and have seen the reaction of family and friends.

Is it safe?  Yep, it is.  But you need to be in a good frame of mind with the clear intention knowing that you are safe and will return to your vessel (body) safely after your little journey.

If you ever have this experience, it’s always fun to recite what you saw and heard to the individuals involved.  Now that will blow their mind!!


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