My Spirit Guide is Conan the Barbarian????

Yes, Conan could be your Spirit Guide. “How can a fictional character be my Spirit Guide?” you ask? Read on to find out.

Spirit Guides, like all spirits, are light in their true form.

There are various belief systems in the world, however, what seems to be universal is the belief that when you die, you “go into” or “return to” the light. That is because our spirits are formed of light and when we leave our bodies, we return to the source of light.

Spirit can take on any form it wants.

While light in their true form, spirits are able to take on any form they wish. They do this to be recognizable to you. For example, if you want to speak with your Mother who has passed away, she could come through just as a bright light but its more likely she will come through in the body she had when she was your Mother so you know that it is her.

To help you, your Spirit Guide will take on a form that has significance for you.

I have a guide that is a Native American Medicine Man. He takes this form because I knew him as such in a past life and because he is also here to help me with healing. One of Karen’s guides is Archangel Rafael. Archangel Rafael is known worldwide for appearing as a green light. He always appears this way to Karen. This is how she was first able to identify him and how she knows whom she is working with during a session.

And, yes, Spirit Guides will turn up as fictional characters.

If Conan has turned up as your guide, it may be because you need a figure that helps you feel safe and protected. Or because you need a strong supporter. Or it may be that you are interested in the time period he is associated with. Don’t worry too much about the form your Spirit Guide takes. Simply enjoy the connection, guidance and love.

Occasionally, Spirit Guides’ appearances change over time.

What do I mean by this? Imagine if Jesus showed up the very first time you connected to your Guide. You might be intimidated, overwhelmed or afraid to connect again. To avoid this, Jesus will turn up in a form you are comfortable with, such as an animal. When you reach a point where you will accept him as your guide, he will emerge in his true form.

Do you know who your Guide is? We would love it if you would share with us. We are always interested in learning about other people’s Guides and I’m sure our other readers are, too. Please post your story below, on FaceBook or Twitter or email me at

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