France, Germany and Canada all In One Night? Yes You Can… Astral Travel Will Take You There

Have you ever had a dream of flying?

Or wished you could fly from Canada to France or anywhere in the world?

What about space? Flying by planets and the Milky Way and seeing galaxies that are beyond your imagination.

Oh it’s possible. I have done it. Yes, I have flown around the world and been to space. It is breathtaking and something that is so real and memorable. All so relaxing, beautiful and so much wisdom during each visit.

Sound cool eh?

What if I told you I did it from my very own home?

It’s called astral travel.

As humans we all have our physical vessels which are our bodies. We also have our soul which is the energy and spiritual part.

During astral travel our spiritual soul leaves our body and can travel and visit anywhere and with anyone. We are still connected by an energetic cord so we are not in the stage of dying. We are just experiencing astral travel. Sometimes people notice themselves jump in their sleep. Usually this is due to the spirit coming back into the body before our vessels wake up. It’s rushing to get back into its vessel so we are connected when we wake up.

During astral travel we can learn so much along the way from the people we meet and where we go. We can oversee things and it can help with decisions we may have or fears that we need to overcome.

Can everyone do it?

Yes, we can all astral travel. Sometimes people practice to do it, because you have to be the proper state of sleep to astral travel. You need to be totally relaxed and in a slight meditative state. Some people can do it just like breathing, It just comes natural.

Just think, a free ride and you can work by day and fly by night.

Have you had an out of body experience? Tell me about it, I want to hear where you went!

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