Muscle Talk? Oh, They Tell All….

When we talk about the human muscles; most people think about working out and building them. Muscles have many functions for the human body. The main one is for movement and helping us with our posture.

What if I were to tell you that your muscles can help provide you with answers. It is not mystical or voodoo. It is kinesiology’s natural way of using the bodies’ electrical system at any given time.

Kinesiology is another word for muscle testing.

Everyone and anyone can use muscle testing. It can be a great help to really tune into your body and get answers.

Having said that, if someone is not open to muscle testing or applied kinesiology, the results may not be as effective. In many of these modalities you need to be open minded. In my personal option; you create your own reality and if you choose not to believe in something, it’s not going to work or have a positive outcome.

So how is muscle testing done?

Muscle testing uses your personal electrical system. This energetic electrical system knows what brings balance and harmony to the body and what is disruptive to it.

Muscle testing is typically done by testing the resistance in one arm. You hold a thought or question in your mind. You can also hold an item you have a question about in your hand.

When all that is in place, hold your arm out straight. Have someone apply pressure to that arm. You will be able to feel resistance or no resistance on that arm. This is your electrical system working.

When there is no resistance and your arm can be pushed down, this is your body telling you that it really is not in balance and that your body may not like what you just tested.

When you have trouble pushing the arm down and you feel resistance, this is usually a great indicator that your body is OK with this.

It’s fun to play around with muscle testing and you will be surprised how accurate it can be!!

What do you think about muscle testing? Leave us a comment below.

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