Communicate with Passed Pets

Pets are beloved companions.

When they pass, we miss them and grieve for them. And we want to know that they are okay. That they aren’t suffering.

It is possible to know how your pet is doing after they pass.

Just as a connection can be made to a human spirit who has passed on, so can a connection be made to an animal that has passed on. The process for connecting is the same.

If you use an Intuitive like us, we will connect to spirit and ask for your pet’s spirit to come through. If you are able to connect with Spirit yourself, ask for your pet to come through. (If you’ve never tried to connect, use these steps)

Don’t be surprised when your pet speaks to you!

Yes, your pet can communicate using words when they are in spirit form. Sometimes they may show you an image that lets you know they are healthy and happy.

I channeled a friend’s cat for her and he gave her both images and words. And now that she can connect to Spirit herself, this cat is one of her main guides.

No matter how your pet chooses to communicate – through words or images or just a feeling, accept the message and comfort offered.

So, if you feel you still hear or sense your pet after they’ve passed, don’t discount this feeling. They are definitely with you in spirit.

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