Did You Know You’re Connecting With Past Loved Ones By Doing This…

We all have been through the loss of a loved one.

Everyone experiences loss in many different ways. But in the end, we know that what we want most is for our loved one to back here on earth with us.

So what if I told you, that you are able to connect with your passed loved one even after they have passed?

Or, receive special messages and signs from them?

How would you feel, if you could open yourself up to these wondrous gifts from above?

I am here to pass on guidance so you now can recognize that you are connecting with your loved ones.

Sometimes after the loss of a loved one we fail to see the gifts and messages they try to leave behind.

I feel we need to give thanks first for all the gifts they have already given us on while still on earth.

Then, we need to be open to receive their messages, signs and gifts they have to offer us from the other side.

Let’s dig in and see if you have had any of these thing happen to you.

After a loved one has passed, does a thought or a strong memory pass your mind and put a smile on your face? Or, you feel the love as if they were still here?

Know that this is a clear sign that spirit is and has connected with you.

Another way you may connect with a passed loved one is by feeling a cool breeze out of the blue.

You may even notice a drop in room temperature. Or it may feel more like a slight wind or coolness that goes past your face or body. You may get a chill or the goose bumps. Just remember to smile and think of the good old times with that loved one. I’m sure they will be smiling from the other side right back at you!

Have you have found a re-occurrence of coins (pennies, nickles, dimes etc.) in the oddest places? Or everywhere you go? On walks, vehicles, middle of the floor or on a couch?

Yes, I know sometimes people lose money here and there. But when you keep finding the same coins all over the place, you may have a sudden thought of a passed loved one. This is a very clear connection that your loved one is connecting with you and you have connected with them.

These are a few very simple signs that you are connecting with passed loved ones and they are showing that they are watching over you. What an amazing feeling it is to still have that connection with them. It’s just in a different way they can connect with you now.

Have you experienced any of these connections? Or do you have a story to tell? I would love to hear how you and your loved ones connect.

Email me (karen@channeled-wisdom.com) and maybe your story will be included in one of our newsletters. Sign up here for your monthly newsletter and spirit messages (Scroll to the bottom of the page.  It’s on the right).

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