Tick Tock It’s Spirit O’Clock

What is the best time of day to connect with Spirit?

This is a question many wonder about.

Any time of day is a good time, however, there are times when we are more receptive than others.

1. Asleep

It’s true. We are most receptive to Spirit and their messages when we are asleep. It is because we are totally relaxed and don’t have any barriers up to block Spirit. This is why many people dream of loved ones who have passed.

You can also meet your own Spirit Guide in sleep. Simply state your intent (read more about Setting Intent) before you go to sleep and your Guide will appear in your dreams.

2. Falling Asleep

When you are falling asleep, you are very relaxed and therefore very open to Spirit. Spirit will visit using images, colours, words, and physical sensations.

Think about it for a moment and you will probably realize you’ve had this experience: Have you ever been drifting off to sleep and seen a face you don’t recognize? Or felt tingles on the top of your head? Or smelled a particular scent that reminds you of someone?

Here is another opportunity to ask to connect with Spirit. Just before you go to bed invite Spirit to visit. Then as you are falling asleep, note what or who comes through.

3. During or After a Meditation

We are relaxed, in a safe and quiet place and inwardly focused during and right after meditating. This is another optimal condition and time to connect with Spirit.

To connect with Spirit through meditation, use our tips.

All of this takes practice so please don’t give up if feel like you haven’t connected on the first go. Be patient!

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