Third Eye or 6th Chakra

Your 6th Chakra is the Ajna or Third Eye Chakra. It is located between your eyebrows and gives a glorious and vibrant indigo or purple colour. It also resembles the image of an eye.

Have you noticed that you second guess your decisions or can’t even make them? 

This Chakra governs your inner intuition and higher self.  You will know this Chakra is out of balance in this area if you are having troubles with feeling confident in pursuing goals, making decisions, and finding your direction or journey in life.  It also holds the TRUST factor in all areas.

When it is in balance, your connection to trusting yourself will not be questioned.  You will be content with the choices you make and will see good in any outcome.  You will not be looking for reassurance in any areas of your life and you can trust yourself and others.

Trying to connect with your Spiritual Self? 

Another area the third eye chakra covers is connecting with the spiritual realm.  You will know if this chakra is out of balance if you are too much in your Head. You will also find that you may think and act on impulse.  You will have no real feelings or concern for any outcomes.  You may also only think in the now.  You may notice that you get headaches or foggy feelings on a regular basis if out of balance.

When in balance, you will enjoy each new day and what it has to offer.  Your outlook on life is positive even when you see obstacles.  You feel the love in everything and all around you.  You will have a better understanding of decisions and actions people make.  You will also trust your gut instincts without second guessing.  You will feel lighter, happy and have a positive outlook on life.

Have you been having health concerns with headaches, nervous system, pituitary gland, and sinuses?

You got it.  Your chakra may be out of balance if you are experiencing any of these issues related to this area. We tend to blame headaches and other issues on environmental change or too much work!!  But what’s the root cause?  The real question you need to ask, is your third eye chakra closed?

So how do I Balance this Chakra?

There are several ways you can restore balance to your third eye. You can meditate on it by using the meditation word SHAM. You can picture pouring light into it and cleansing it out. You can carry or meditate on a stone or crystal to restore balance. We suggest Fluorite for this Chakra as it is a particularly good for stabilising your energy and balancing and reconnecting you to your higher self.  It will help bring you the energy of confidence and trust as well as its an immune booster!!

You can also have an energy practitioner balance your Chakras for you.

To learn more about the physical tie-ins to the Third Eye and about how our Chakra Balance services can help, please visit our Chakra Balance page.


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