Sahaswara The Crown or 7th Chakra

Higher Consciousness. Higher Awareness.

This is what the Crown or 7th Chakra – Sahaswara governs. What does this mean? For some it is their connection to God. For others, it connects them to the Universe. For others, it connects them to a Higher Power or All. Whatever you might call it, it is the energy that links us to something greater than ourselves.

Where knowing can occur.

It is this connection, this energy centre, that can inform us with knowledge and wisdom that is greater than we can know ourselves. This 7th or Crown Chakra is connected strongly to our 6th or Third Eye Chakra, the seat of our intuition. Together, they allow us to access wisdom and guidance from a higher source.

Keeping it balanced is key.

When this 7th, Crown Chakra is balanced we are easily able to receive guidance in our everyday lives. We feel a sense of connectedness to others, the world at large and to something greater than ourselves that feeds us a sense of calm, peace and energy. When this Chakra is out-of-balance it can leave us feeling either cut off, depressed, isolated and alone (constricted) or overwhelmed by other people’s emotions with a weight or heaviness bearing down on you (expanded).

Meditate using AUM or by pouring white light into this Chakra to keep it balanced.

Physically, this Chakra is tied to your brain, pineal gland and sleep so when it is imbalanced it could leave you sleep deprived, suffering from headaches, neck tension or anxiety. It plays a big part in your mental and emotional health. So it is important to keep it healthy.

To learn more about this Chakra and how you can keep it balanced, either using a stone or having a Chakra Balance, please visit our Chakra Balance page.

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