Your Personal Library Of Wisdom

If you knew that your life was already fully written and your journey has been set, would you be intrigued to see what lies ahead for you?

Or not? Maybe you rather choose to enjoy the sweetness of what each day and moment brings.

The temptation, I’m sure is there, to just take a small glimpse into what your life’s journey has in store for you.  The new romantic love that you have been waiting for, or new career/business you’re about to endure.  How about health or travel.  Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures and gaining new friendships with the wisdom of such, you could write a book.

Or, wake each morning taking in the breath of life and absorbing the light of the universe.  Experiencing the textures and different tastes of food.  Living in the moment and being truly thankful for all that you have and are.

Well, I think both combined are equally appetizing.

What if I told you, your life is imprinted energetically?

 Everything that you have ever done, said, and felt in the past, present and going in the future is all recorded.  It is kept in the utmost organized energetic library.  Page by page a personalized in-depth detailed book that holds every ounce of knowledge about you, right down to the smallest granule cell.

A series of books is what your lifetime is about!

 Yep, that’s right.  We all have lived many lives in different lifetimes.  Your story of each lifetime is set in its very own book.  A collection of your history of events laid out chapter after chapter.  Each book to your life series is a collection of that specific lifetime.  If you were to look at your collection, you would start from the beginning of your past lifetimes moving up until this date.  As you move along it carries out the rest of your reincarnations.  If you were to open your current lifetime book it would have all documentation from preconception right to the day your vessel is left behind and you return home into spirit.

Where is this Library that holds such wealth of information?

 It is referred to the Akashic Records.  Akashic is a Sanskrit word for “sky, space or aether”.  Theosophists believe these libraries are to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane.  With proper training, you can gain access to these records of knowledge.  You can also seek out an intuitive that has done this training or has gained access to these libraries.  You can not just go into them as you please and put them back when done.  There are spiritual advisors that protect these files.  But with the right intent and respect, you may gain access.

So I leave you with the thought of something that may be mind-boggling.  But yet, could be the answers to the deepest questions your soul may endeavor.



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