What Is Channeling?


So what is Channeling? Lorraine and I get this question all the time, when people ask “What type of work do you do?” When we mention that we channel spirit as one of a few services we provide; they usually look at us with the most confused look of “Huh?”

When someone channels, they are going into a deeper state of consciousness, usually the Theta state. This is where the mind is quiet, relaxed and open to universal wisdom. When in this relaxed state you can connect with the spirit realm. To put it in a different perspective, it’s like a radio station. Physically here on earth we can tune into different radio stations, without being physically connected. The device that you use to connect to the radio sends off invisible signals up to a satellite. The satellite picks it up and – connects us to the radio station of choice. Channeling is the same type of thing. We here in the physical world can connect to the invisible energy of spirit, spirit passes messages back to the Intuitive and we pass it on to you.

Messages from spirit can present to the Intuitive in different ways. The message may come fast with lots of information or it may be more relaxed and slower. There is no right or wrong way. You will receive the information that you can handle and or need to know at this time in your life. It is best to going into a session open minded and relaxed so that you can receive what message spirit has for you with comfort.

There is so much information you can receive during a channeling session. You may have questions you need clarification to, or support from spirit on a decision. Yes, spirit can help with relationships, advice, financial questions, career support, past or present issues. Spirit can connect with passed loved ones and help with closure and yes, with pets too. Wanting to meet your spirit guide, animal totem or find your life purpose? Spirit can do it all. Some people are also interested in their past lives; as there may be issues that have carried over into this lifetime; spirit can help answer and guide you to a better understanding of the “why” questions. Never doubt what spirit can help you with; but remember you will receive what you need at this time in your life. Spirit is just amazing. I am astounded with the new things they teach and show me on a daily basis.

Everyone has the ability to channel; some people are more sensitive to “tuning in” than others. No special equipment required! Yes, it does take patience and practice, as it’s not like in the movies. Those are actors with scripts. Our only script is from spirit.

Spirit is always waiting to connect to give messages to help you along life’s journey. If you have any more questions on Channeling feel free to email me at karen@channeled-wisdom.com

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