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Find out how a past life session can support you on your journey to help break or give clarity on old patterns, habits, triggers, and attachments!!

Spoiler alert when it comes to blocks and why you may be experiencing them.

This is why you have been feeling all over the place lately. My spirit guide Grace guides you as to why.

So many thoughts I don’t know how to quiet my mind to meditate!!
Tips for the beginners and suggestions for the curious ones that want more to meditate on!!

I found this lost video today. Funny how fitting it is at this time, not knowing back in November 2019 that all this would be happening now.
Coming back into what serves you and be a leader, not a follower.

Did you know that your manifesting could be hurting because you’re holding onto subconscious thoughts or you are picking up on someone else’s ill intents? Find out how to look deeper into your mind so you can truly live an abundant life and start living the life you always dreamed of!! You totally deserve it!!

Dive into what and how past life sessions can be done. Hear how attachments in this life may be from a past. Karen shares a story of fear turned into freedom

Have you ever been on a Ghost walk or spirit encounter night? I’ll give you some insight into them and hey, maybe I’ll see you on one sometime! SHOW MORE

Spirit or Ghost encounters explained. Have you experienced this before or have you questioned yourself if you did have one?

We know the importance of boundaries… and if not take a look at my last 2 videos before you get into this one. Better boundaries mean a better you and feeling amazing on so many different levels and get this… Better relationships in all areas of your life as well!!