Where is Spirit?

Here, There and Everywhere!

In the middle of a channeling session, my Spirit Guide, Stephen, said to my client “I will be with you to help you”.

Afterwards I thought “Whaaat? Wait a minute. Stephen is my guide, how can he be somewhere else? Especially when I can feel him with me all the time????”

Oh, how naïve I was at first. I was attributing human characteristics to Spirit. We can’t be in two places at once so I figured they couldn’t either. Thankfully they didn’t laugh at my ignorance.

Just like Spirit isn’t bound to any particular form (see my earlier blog about this), Spirit isn’t bound to time or place, either. While Spirit visits us in our dimension, they aren’t bound by our conventions.

A spirit can be in many places at once.

For example, my Mom watches over my siblings, my nieces and me. She doesn’t divide her time between us; rather she is with each one of us at all times.

Spirit can also guide more than one person at a time.

They may show up in similar form and using the same name – like the Archangels – or they may take different names based on what the person needs.

Once one of my friend’s Guides, Harold, showed up as one of my client’s Guides but gave his name as Alex. I was rather surprised at the time. When my friend and I asked Harold about it, he explained that he has many facets and shows the side of himself that is needed by the person he is with. And that he may take a different name especially for that person.

I’m no longer bothered that Stephen is with others. In fact, I’m glad to know that they are receiving his help. He’s taught me how to truly share 😉

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