Spirit’s At My Door….. Karen’s Journey To Channeling

I want to take you on a journey about how I started to Channel and why I love it so much!!!
I have been very intuitive from a very young age; I would lie in bed at night seeing different spirits in the hallway, at my bedroom door and in my bedroom. (Spirits at my door!!)
These events kept occurring but different spirits would show up. I will never forget one night a spirit that showed up beside my bed; it was HUGE, BROAD and full of amazing and breathtaking heavenly colours you just don’t see here on earth. It was frightening at the time, yet when I look back at it, it’s indescribable.
I also realized that at the same time I had a sense of knowing stuff that would happen, or conversations I thought I already had, only to find out I had never had these conversations. I thought to myself, “Is this for real or am I freaking nuts?”
It took a while, but after repeated occurrences I knew I had been given gifts to see spirit, aura and chakra colours, be highly intuitive, feel energy and I had a strong knowing that I would be able to help heal others with these gifts.
I was struggling with all this and thinking at the same time, how do I put this all together? What are these spirits trying to tell me? I was on overload. So what did I do? I ignored it! Great idea right? Ah, No! You wonder why it wasn’t a great idea. Because when something is your life’s purpose and you don’t follow it, things just don’t go your way. Life is not as easy. I found myself grumpy and unhappy. School, work and life in general were a chore. Don’t get me wrong. I still had fun and many amazing friends that I still have; I just knew deep down that who I was, was not really me.
Your life’s purpose always finds a way to knock at the door, once you’ve had a peek into it. During this time, I did see spirit still but not at much. I just tried to ignore it. Remember, there was no internet at the time. No fancy devices with massive amounts of information that we have today. I was a young, with experiences that no one else talked about.
Several years later, I was at an engagement in Church. I was standing up and from nowhere I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I looked and no one was there. My intuition told me that it was my Grandpa who had passed years prior. It was as if because I realized what had happened and I accepted it, BAM! From that moment on everything started happening so fast again with spirit showing up, more and more often.
There was no ignoring it this time. I had to get it all off my chest and start looking for more information and answers. I was old enough that I had a close relationship with my Aunt and my Grandma. I decided to tell them about it. Amazingly enough, my Grandma and Aunt told me stories of relatives that were quite intuitive and others that read Tarot cards. They were always so supportive of my experiences and gave me advice on what to read or different psychic fairs that were available.
I started my true journey 17 years ago and it still continues.
I finished high school, college and worked in health care for several years. I also added reflexology, heated stone massage, therapeutic touch and chakra education schooling into the mix. I got married and started a family. Then the big push from spirit grew even stronger during my child bearing years. I decided to try to put the pieces together. I attended several psychic fairs and had readings. It was a place where I could get a reading, ask questions and get answers. It helped me move forth in learning. I borrowed many books from the library to aid in my study. I even wrote Sylvia Brown via the internet and I did receive guidance from her staff. I was on a roll and studied as much as I could.
I met so many people along the way; some with similar stories and others that practiced different modalities. It was at this point I met Lorraine – we bumped into each other in different training sessions throughout that year. This is where our journey of working together and becoming great friends started. This is also when I knew; THIS is my purpose.
Over the past few years I have worked really hard on how to receive guidance from spirit. I had several different teachers that taught me how to truly hone my own style. That’s exactly what I have done. I found my style and put the remaining pieces of the puzzle together. I can effectively communicate with spirit, passed loved ones, do past life readings, travel to different spirit realms, work with Archangels, spirit guides, animal totems and help clear energy blocks and fears. It has been an incredible journey. And yes, I still have spirits show up at night but now I accept them and I know now how to turn off my spirit switch for a good night’s sleep.
Once I opened up to other family and friends about the gifts I’ve been blessed with, it was like a ton of blocks had fully lifted off my chest! Well almost. My next step was starting another puzzle; getting on the road to getting out there and helping others. That’s just what I did. What an amazing gift for me to be able to channel the spirit realm to help others get answers and clarification to questions. To help people with closure of passed loved ones and pets.
People also come to me feeling off: with a chakra balance or channeling, I can help people overcome lifelong hurdles, fears and blockages. I use channeling and/or intuition in all my services that I offer; and the outcome of each modality is so much more effective, the way I see it. It shows in happy clients at the end of each session. It’s an amazing feeling for me to be able to give what body, mind and spirit truly needed. Guidance and Love using my healing services to serve you.
I’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or similar experiences. Email me at karen@channeled-wisdom.com
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