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What is Reflexology?

Many have heard about it, but pass it off as if embarrassed to ask what it is.  Or others know what it is and do not realize the benefits reflexology has on their overall body and health.  So do you know what it is?

My goal for this blog is to help you understand Reflexology, its benefits to you and some history behind it all. Because by the end of this you will be calling to book an appointment! Just make sure you book with a certified reflexologist.

So let’s start with the origins of Reflexology. It actually reaches back to ancient Egypt as evidence from inscriptions noted on Ankhmahor, a physician’s tomb at Saqqara over four thousand years ago. Yep, that long ago!! There are hieroglyphics that translate to “Do not hurt me” with the practitioners reply of “I shall act so you praise me” It was determine the ancient art as practiced by early Egyptians is reflexology as we know it today.

Dr. William Fitzgerald an ear, nose and throat specialist working in Boston, London and Vienna, became familiar with zone therapy which is the precursor to modern reflexology. Dr. Fitzgerald wrote “humanity is awakening to the fact that sickness, in a large percentage of cases, is an error of body and mind” Dr. Fitzgerald discovered interesting facts, that with application of pressure to certain points it not only relieved pain but the majority of the underlying cause of illness.

Dr Joe Shelby-Riley worked hand in hand with Dr Fitzgerald to further develop zone therapy. Working with Dr. Riley was Eunice Ingham who in turn found that intermittent pressure on the feet of her patients produced benefits greater then pain relief, allowing the body to balance itself for better health. Through extensive foot reflexing and teaching the work, Eunice Ingham has become known as the Mother of Modern Reflexology, even with her passing in 1974.

So what does this all mean?

Reflexology promotes natural healing by applying pressure to specific points on the feet. These points correspond directly throughout our nervous system and relate to our internal organs and glands. Using controlled pressure, reflexology may be effective in promoting good health, alleviating pain & discomfort, preventing illness, reducing stress and increasing relaxation.

We do stand on our feet, many hours a day, yet we don’t even think about our feet. We complain about swollen feet, legs, sore backs and hips.

What do we do?

Take medications and complain. But for those who have discovered reflexology have found the secret.

Some worry about ticklish feet, but the right amount of pressure is applied to the feet, so there is no issue here. Reflexology is so relaxing you may find yourself dozing off!!

Even though Reflexologists cannot diagnosis, prescribe or treat issues, they can feel imbalances in your feet that correspond to your body and they may spend more time on these areas. This is why it is suggested to see your Reflexologist on a regular maintenance schedule. This will help maintain your overall health and help reduce illness.

Make sure you use a registered Reflexology Practitioner.  All registered practitioners will have a card to show you if you ask.  Also in Canada, there are insurance companies recognizing the benefits of reflexology and some companies are now covering reflexology.  Most teachers are now covered.  Call your insurance company to inquire.

Reflexology dates back thousands of years, but is on the rise with the amount of benefits it has to your health and affordability.

Have you ever had a reflexology session? I would love to get feedback on your session and how it has benefited you. Please leave a comment below.

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