Getting Ready for Your Channeling Session

Be open to Spirit’s messages

An open heart and mind enable the messages to flow more freely and easily. If you are closed off or worrying about what you will hear, it can cause the energy and messages from Spirit to come through slowly.

Put away your expectations

Spirit knows exactly what you information you need at the time of your session. You may come hoping for specific answers or information – which you may or may not get. If you have a certain outcome in mind that doesn’t materialize you may overlook or discount important messages.

Prepare questions

You may wonder why you need to prepare questions if Spirit knows what you need to hear. This is because part of your growth comes in articulating what you want guidance on. If this is the case, Spirit will prompt you for your questions during your session. Or not. If articulating your questions isn’t part of your growth or you don’t have any specific questions, Spirit will provide messages without them.


Sit back and take in what Spirit offers you. We record sessions so there is no need to worry about trying to remember what messages come through or to write them down.

Remember that the guidance is offered to you in your best interest and relates to this particular time of your life. You will only receive information you are ready for. If you want to ignore the guidance provided, you are free to do so.


Give yourself time after your session to process the information you have received. You may want to journal about it, reflect on it with a walk or a run, or share it with a loved one. However you process things, do give yourself the time.

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