Clearing Your Home and Business

Why clear your Home or Business?

Maybe because you think there is a Spirit there. But energy also leaves imprints in spaces. Both Spirit and negative energy in your home or business can have lasting effects.

“This place feels weird.”

I think pretty much everyone has walked into a space – a home, a meeting place, a business or a historical attraction and thought “Wow. It doesn’t feel right in here. I don’t know what it is, but it is making me uncomfortable.”

Is it Spirit?

You may experience a change in temperature – cold spots or a breeze where there shouldn’t be one. Quick glimpses of a shape or face in a mirror or out of the corner of your eye. Or maybe you hear strange sounds. These are signs that there is a Spirit present. Because we sense someone but can’t see anyone, we sometimes react in fear of the unknown. It doesn’t necessarily mean the Spirit doesn’t want you there. It could just be that they are confused and trapped in this dimension. Or maybe the Spirit wants to give you a message.

Is it energy?

Events that carry strong emotions can leave an imprint in a place, like unseen dirt. Divorce, death, some sort of traumatic event, all leave energy imprints behind. When you enter a space and experience a feeling of sadness, or nausea, or dizziness, or even experience a wall of energy that feels unwelcoming, it is highly probable that you are reacting to a negative energy imprint.

How can this affect you?

We’ve all heard of a house that doesn’t sell or a business that can’t seem to find success no matter how attractive the home/store/restaurant/product/location. But what about disturbed sleep because you feel a presence and don’t know what the Spirit wants? Or a feeling of constriction or fear whenever you enter a certain room or place? Or maybe your relationships are suddenly fraught with tension as result of negative energy that you’re living in but not aware of. None of this is healthy for you in the long term.

How do you clear it?

If it is a Spirit you sense and you don’t want it around, ask it to leave or send it into the light. If it is an energy imprint, clearing it with incense or burning sage can help. If these don’t work for you, call in a professional. An Intuitive can connect with Spirit to move them along and can also work with their Spirit Guides to clear out any energy imprints.

We all want to live and work in places that are comfortable, welcoming and prosperous. Which is why clearing your home or business is important.

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