Benefits Of A Channeling Session For Kids

There are many reasons why adults have channeling sessions.

Some want closure from a passed loved one. Others want to gain more insight about which direction they should move in. Let’s not forget about romance and the financials.

Whatever it may be, people are just looking for more guidance and balance in their life.

So why can’t kids have the same?

Many kids go through tough times and are looking for guidance that is not from a family member or friend. Or they may not even understand that they need guidance or that it is available for them. In this case the parent or guardian would notice the child is unsettled or having troubles in certain area of their life. This is when the adult would approach the child and give them options. So many adults just let the kids be and think that they will “grow” out it. This is not so in so many cases.

Also remember that kids are so open and loving they think it’s great to receive a message from spirit or loved ones.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have channeled for children before and some are not sure of the whole spirit thing. So the session is done differently. Let me give you an example of one of my past sessions with a child and the parent has given permission to share this.

Case one:
A young child (7 Years old) is not sure why she feels the way she does and her Mom has some questions. Now this family is open to spirit and the Mom has spoken to the child about how this could help. This child is open to sitting and listening to the session with Mom beside her. The child is allowed to colour and listen in and out of the session and answer questions that may arise. So I would start my session and pass the message on from my spirit guide to the child and Mom. It is done with love and ease to accommodate the child’s style it is delivered in.

The session was not recorded but Mom took notes to help.

Conclusion: The child was feeling the loss of a loved one and around the anniversary of the passing she would feel out of sort. This was brought to their attention so they could deal with it and do little things to remember this loved one. These were hidden emotions that could not be uncovered and originally affected her schooling and sleep.

Case two:

The child is either too young or does not want to really think there is spirit passing on messages.

In this case, I would connect to spirit and get permission to do a session first with the child’s guide and soul. If all was a go, the child could play or watch TV or read. They can do whatever they wanted to keep them distracted. But I find most are curious and listen in and out of the session.

I would sit with the child’s parent or guardian and pass the messages on to them. They would then take into account what is being passed on and how they could help and apply it to that child.

Sessions with children can be very emotional. It’s amazing to see a release when kids come in the room with me. It’s an amazing experience and I am truly blessed that some parents realize that this route can help them out so much on so many different levels.

Kids respond well to these sessions and the outcomes. Many parents email me back stating the change and difference seen in their child. They report kids feel more secure, confident and it helps tackle issues they may be experiencing. This could be anywhere from emotional outbursts to lack of concentration or lack of sleep.

People with Autism and or individuals that are non-verbal have benefited from Channeling and Chakra Balancing session as well. It gets them to relax and for the non-verbal, I am able to communicate telepathically and have a conversation with them. This helps give them a voice and feel heard. There are many different child and adult disabilities that can benefit from this type of work.

When working with kids I have noticed that my guides set goals for parents to help their children with. It’s amazing how the kids respond to these with excitement. Kids truly jump right in and take action. It’s like they know that this is the best for them and will help them. Never underestimate a child. They are usually thinking a few thoughts and are a few steps ahead of us!!

I find that we really need to listen to our younger generation. They are wise beyond means and could teach us a lesson or two and help us grow.

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