3 Tips To Increase Your Intuition

So you say; Wow that was a coincidence or I knew that was going to happen.

So coincidence or Intuition?

You got it, Intuition. We are born with intuition and it’s free to access.

So why don’t we use it? Why don’t we keep it up?

It’s called our EGO that we bring aboard and set our higher self and Intuition to the side.  So I want to give you a couple tips on how to use your intuition so you can start using it again.

Using you intuition with build your confidence and make you feel more solid on decisions you make in your everyday life. Ha, and there will be no need to listen to everyone else make decisions for you.

How great will that feel? Making your own decisions and feeling confident you made a decision yourself. It will also help build your self-esteem and confidence.

It will be the new you! Believe me people will notice the change.

Here are your 3 tips:

1. When tapping into your Intuition at first you are going to want to start off with smaller decisions. As you build up on your confidence and trust; you can then use your intuition for anything.

2. When you first starting listening to your intuition you will find you will hear an answer then another one will pop in. This is you second guessing and your Ego jumping in. This is the tricky part that takes practice. But listen to the first thought, not the second one. Practice, practice, practice and don’t get frustrated.

3. Practice makes perfect. Well I don’t expect you to be perfect. But there is discipline in this. You need to use your intuition daily and you need to start with the smaller stuff and move up. Don’t get flustered. Trust in yourself and build confidence and keep practicing. Before you know it, you will be a pro!

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Now go use your Intuition!!

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