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Worrying excessively about your financial situation? Career? Family?

Or are you feeling overwhelmed by responsibility?

The Root or Muladhara Chakra is the energy centre located at the base of your tailbone that governs the aspects of Safety, Stability, Security, Sense of Self and Self-confidence. As an energy centre, is can be affected by strong emotions that you have had or that you’ve encountered in others as well as by experiences you have had, or witnessed, both in this life and past lives.

Your Root Chakra is most likely out of balance.

When we tend to worry unduly about the things we associate with our security and stability or we feel overwhelmed and lacking in self-confidence it is a reflection that something has disturbed the balance in our Root Chakra. It may have become constricted in response to something that threatens us or it may have expanded in order to carry the burdens of our loved ones.

A balanced Root Chakra restores your equilibrium.

When this Chakra is balanced, it keeps you grounded and rooted to reality. You don’t worry overmuch – you are confident and secure in knowledge that the challenges in your life can be worked out because you are confident in yourself and your abilities. You don’t take on the responsibilities of others, you simply lend a helping hand where needed. When balanced in this Chakra, you walk taller, feel lighter and are confident that you can tackle anything. You feel connected to others in your life, but not overwhelmed by their challenges.

How do you return to balance?

There are a number of ways you can restore balance to your Root Chakra. You can meditate on it by using the meditation word Lam. You can picture pouring light into it and cleansing it out. You can carry or meditate on a stone or crystal to restore balance. We suggest Brecciated Jasper for this Chakra as it is a particularly good grounding stone, supporting us through stressful times. It balances Yin/Yang energy and can bring tranquility and restore wholeness. You can also have an energy practitioner balance your Chakras for you.

To learn more about the physical tie-ins to the Root Chakra and about how our Chakra Balance services can help, please visit our Chakra Balance page.