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Do you ever feel like you see pictures or items of the same animal everywhere you turn?

You watch TV and up pops the same animal. It’s on posters and books or you dream about it.

I spoke in my last blog about what an Animal Totem is. In brief to remind you: An Animal Totem is another type of a Guide we have with us throughout our lives. The purpose of the animal totem is different for each person. They help us get through different situations we endure throughout our lives.

So if we have this guidance, why can’t we tap into it and use it first hand?

Great news!! You can! And I am going to help you learn how to do just that in this blog.

So first I want you to think of anytime when you have had the same animal pop up several times. Now if you have not had this happen, can you think of a specific animal that you feel like you have a connection to? If you still say “nope, I can’t or I don’t”, that’s ok I can still help you find it out what animal it is.

So the next step in connection with your Animal Totem or finding out what animal it is by meditating on it. Now, I can hear some of you. Ah, I don’t have time to meditate or I can’t meditate. Well how about give yourself 5 minutes of quiet time where you can just sit down with quiet around you. Five minutes people, that’s all. You can do it. You never know how much this new found friend will help you along your journey.

I think we are all ready to get started with this. So let’s go meet your Animal guide. Yes, Animal Totem and Animal Guides is the same thing.

Find a comfortable seat where you can relax. Next, you can close your eyes or keep them open, which ever one you feel more comfortable with.

Now, let go of all your day’s thoughts, agendas, to do lists. Let go of anything that no longer serves you at this time. Deep breaths in and exhaling it slowly. Letting go, knowing that you are on a new journey right now ready to meet your animal guide.

I want you to picture yourself barefoot, in the desert. No one else is around. Just you; knowing you are coming closer to meet your animal guide.

You breathe in and out slowly, totally relaxing your whole body. You are still picturing yourself standing in the desert.

You notice a door in the middle of nowhere. You slowly walk over to it knowing it is a safe door where only good will come of it. There is nothing to fear or worry about.

You slowly walk over to that door. The door opens and there is a staircase below.
You take one step at a time and there are ten steps to the bottom. You slowly take one step at a time counting down the steps. 10, 9, 8, 7,6,5,4,3,2,1. You are on the bottom step. As you step down on the floor there is a faint light in the distance.

You look towards it, to see what is there. You notice that there is something there.

Walk closer towards it. Stop when you have to if you are feeling overwhelmed. There is no rush.

There will be a point when you feel that you are good and no need to get closer. When you reach this point, take another deep breath in and release it.

Carefully take a look at it. What is it?

What animal, insect or mammal is it?

This is the time you can now observe what it is.

There is no rush. Just enjoy the moment and connect with it.

When you are ready, thank this animal for coming forward and know that this is your animal totem and guide.

Slowly turn around and start walking towards the stairs where you will head back up them.

You will count the stairs are you go up. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. You are at the top.

The door opens and you take a deep breath in and out. You are ready to step out the door. As you walk out the door closes behind you.

You now walk away from the door remembering your experience.

Open your eyes when you are ready to. Deep breath in and out.

WOW!! Amazing. I can’t wait to hear who your totems are! Drop me a line at Karen@channeled-wisdom.com or leave a comment below.

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There is a lot of back and forth conversation about bad Spirit’s.

Let me ask you. Do you believe in bad Spirits?
And if you do, where does this belief come from?

Did you answer, it came from the television and internet or someone else had an experience??

What about your experiences? Why are you letting others fear driven thoughts into your thinking?

I believe everyone is open to have their own thoughts and beliefs. But when we over-think and over- analyze something we are coming from a fear-based thought. When we are in fear, it usually is not a true one or good one.

This is why some people believe there are bad spirits.

For my own personal beliefs, I do not believe in bad spirits. I believe there are lost, confused or upset spirits. Here are a couple reasons I Believe this:

We need to go way back and look at the veil above us where spirit would pass through. Many years ago, when the veil between our world and the spirit realm was thick, it was hard for spirit to pass through. This lead to some spirits getting lost here as they couldn’t pass through the veil.

When we encountered them, we reacted with fear. Other times, some spirits would be confused and feel they didn’t die. They would remain in their house and could not understand why someone else was living there. They then would make noises or move things to draw attention.

Fast-forward the years by and the veil has become very thin. Allowing for spirit to pass with ease through it. Not as many spirit left wandering around here. That means less experience with spirit.

Another reason is a spirit that may be in not so good of a place. Yes, spirits do have personalities just like they did here on earth. I have encountered a spirit that had a darker feel to its energy because it was upset over his actions here on earth. The spirit seemed to give off a darker feel. This spirit was not bad, just upset until I connected with him to see why he was in this state. After the connection the energy calmed and he went away.

So next time you think you are around a bad spirit, just thank it for making its presence known and tell spirit to go cross over as they are no longer needed here.

Have you encountered a spirit? How did it feel and what did you do about it? Let me know!

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