Heart or 4th Chakra

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Do you feel you can give and receive love and kindness equally?  How much do you love yourself and others?  Their qualities are all associated with your 4th chakra also known as your Heart /Anahata chakra.  It is located in the heart/centre area of your chest.  It is bright green in colour when balanced and [...]

Healing with Your Heart Chakra

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Do you have trouble loving yourself or others? What about forgiveness? Let me give you a sneak preview on how the heart chakra may be part of the culprit! Many may know it is not so easy to love themselves or even love others. This is why I want to help you open up your [...]

Seven Major Chakras

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In a previous blog I explained what a Chakra is. Now I will take you on an in-depth explanation on what is all involved in each of the 7 major Chakras. So we know that a Chakra is an energy vortex that whirls in a circular motion. We have 7 Chakras that start at the [...]