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Your 2nd Chakra is the Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra. It is located between your belly button and your pelvic bone and is bright orange in colour.

Are you having issues in your relationship with intimacy, desire or feeling a lack of pleasure?

This Chakra governs Desire, Sexuality, Pleasure, and all planes of intimacy.  You will know this Chakra is out of balance in this area if you are having troubles with connecting with your partner.  If you are finding there is lack of intimacy or you have no sex drive.

When it is in balance, your connection will be one that you can not explain.  You will enjoy each others company and want to constantly maintain a healthy sex life and relationship.

How happy are you and do you find joy and fulfillment in everyday?

Another area the Sacral chakra governs is how you approach life and relationships in general.  You will know you’re out of balance when you are unhappy and feeling down all the time.  You have no confidence when meeting other people and engaging in relationships.  Also, feeling like every day is a failure and you are not motivated to reach goals.

When in balance, you will enjoy each new day and what it has to offer.  Your outlook on life is positive even when you see obstacles.  You see the obstacle, but you will figure how to get around it.  You are open and excited to meet and make conversation with new people and new relationships.

Have you been having health concerns with your lower back, bladder, kidneys, and digestion?

You got it.  Your chakra may be out of balance if you are experiencing any of these issues.  It’s funny how our energetic body is tied into our physical body.

You would be amazed at the number of people that get the full tune up with a Chakra Balance.  They can release what no longer serves them and they look face to face with what is holding them back or attached to them. By doing so they feel lighter, happier, healthier and they see themselves healing from the inside out.

So how do I Balance this Chakra?

There are several ways you can restore balance to your Sacral Chakra. You can meditate on it by using the meditation word Vam. You can picture pouring light into it and cleansing it out. You can carry or meditate on a stone or crystal to restore balance. We suggest Carnelian for this Chakra as it is a particularly good for stabilising your energy and emotions, restoring vitality and supporting us through stressful times and brings motivation. It balances Yin/Yang energy and can bring tranquility and restore wholeness. You can also have an energy practitioner balance your Chakras for you.

To learn more about the physical tie-ins to the Sacral Chakra and about how our Chakra Balance services can help, please visit our Chakra Balance page.