Why It’s Important to Stay Grounded

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I’m sure the title of this may sound a bit odd; “to stay grounded”.  Maybe it brings back childhood memories of doing something wrong and facing consequences like being grounding for your actions.  Well, I’m chuckling a bit as I had my fair share of grounding, but it sure kept me in line, “thanks, Mom [...]

Heart or 4th Chakra

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Do you feel you can give and receive love and kindness equally?  How much do you love yourself and others?  Their qualities are all associated with your 4th chakra also known as your Heart /Anahata chakra.  It is located in the heart/centre area of your chest.  It is bright green in colour when balanced and [...]

Solar Plexus or 3rd Chakra

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What do Ambition, Creativity, Drive and Assertiveness have in common? They are all governed by the Solar Plexus aka Manipura Chakra, the 3rd in your major 7 Chakra lineup. This Chakra is located in your solar plexus: the area between your sternum and navel. It is bright yellow in colour when balanced and on a [...]

Down And Dirty With Your Health….The Proper Way To Heal

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The way we see our health these days have changed.  People these days tend to be more open to natural healing from naturopaths, reflexologists, and osteopaths.  They combined these with traditional medicine.  People are reaching out and using different modalities to accommodate different aspects of their health for healing.  Many are realizing that by keeping [...]