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February's Lineup 2020
  1. Youtube Video Subconscious Vs Attitude!! CLICK HERE
  2. Your recorded channeled message from Grace
  1. Take a look and listen about Past Lives or the latest video on your conscious mind vs subconscious mind  CLICK HERE 
  2. Your January 2020 Message from Grace
1. If you missed my video on Past Life channeling/regressions CLICK HERE
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Click here for a qiuck few minute video on FEAR!! Erase the word!
Boundaries Part 3 Video if you missed it - Click here
August Boundaries Video 2 HERE
July Boundaries Video Part 1 Click Here
  1. Expectations Vs Reality VIDEO 3:12sec

1.VIDEO - Stop. Live in the NOW, here's why
2.VIDEO - How your world can change with Gratitude, how to find it
______________________________________________________________________________1. Finding Alignment/Balance video Click here
______________________________________________________________________________1. Finding Success from Failure video - Get the perspective first hand Click here
Quick tips on listening to your Intuition. Click here

  Welcome, here are your monthly channeled message, insights, and videos!!  Have a wonderful day my love!!                

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