We Can Channel Living People

My Mother is still alive.

This is what a client said to me after I channeled messages from her Mother during one of my early sessions as a professional Intuitive.

It took me by surprise for a moment. 

But when I thought about it, it explained how her Mom had revealed herself to me during the session. In my experience to that point, clients’ passed loved ones who came through, came in from above me. This woman’s spirit had come in to the right of me, at my level.

I then realized, “We can channel living people”.

As humans, we tend to think of Spirit the way we think of ourselves. We give Spirit limitations that bodies have. That they can only be in one place at one time. This isn’t true. It is why a Mother who is passed can be with all her children at the same time. As Spirit, she isn’t confined to the limitations of a body.

Because we are all Spirit.

Our spirit can communicate with others who aren’t in our presence.  Even when we are in human form. After all, at our essence, we are Spirit. And our spirits don’t have to be constrained by bodily limitations.

It is not unusual for a living person so show up during a channeling session.

There have been many times since then that a client’s living family member or friend – a loved one – has shown up during a session to tell them something. More often than not, it is because they can’t communicate the message as a human being. Maybe they are emotionally repressed. Maybe they can’t find the right words. Maybe they are shy. But their spirits aren’t. So their spirits will come forward to express and share what they can’t as human beings.

So don’t discount the messages a Spirit brings just because the person is living.

They are speaking to you from the depths of their being – their spirit, their true heart – and, like spirits who have passed on and bring you messages, they do so with the best of intentions and for your highest good.


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