Our Definition of Spirit

You will notice we use the word Spirit a lot on our site and in our communications. This word Spirit can mean different things to different people. What exactly do we mean when we use it?

For us, the word Spirit is all-encompassing. Within our definition, we include spirit guides, angels, archangels, saints, Jesus, God, spirits of people and animals who have passed on, animal guides and animal totems, really any energy that exists outside our physical state.

We use the word Spirit more than any other word as it can be used broadly. Additionally, while we both are strongly tied to and committed to our work with Spirit, neither of us has a religious affiliation. We are spiritual, so we find the word Spirit a good one for us.

Sometimes we use the word Universe interchangeably with Spirit. For example, one day I was looking for confirmation to a question I had. Throughout the day, I noticed license plates and lettering on big trucks that offered answers to my question. I even met people who said something that fit. And I thought to myself “the Universe is sending me a message”.

What does the word Spirit mean to you? We want to hear your definition. Please share your thoughts below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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