Jesus is Guiding Me? What????

You’re not Christian, nor religious yet Jesus has shown up for you.

Yes, this has happened for clients who are Jewish or don’t have any religious affiliation or don’t even particularly believe in Jesus. But there he is, just the same!


While Jesus grew up in the Jewish tradition, what he taught wasn’t about religion but rather about a way of life. This way of life was about Love, Forgiveness and Freedom. These principles are universal and non-denominational. You don’t need to be Christian or religious or even know anything about Jesus for him to show up.

He wants to help you Live in Love.

When he shows up for someone, it is because the person is seeking a different approach to her/his life. If Jesus has shown up for you it is because you are ready for his message of Love. He wants to help you find the path that fulfills you – that has meaning for you. And while each person’s path is unique to them, the one fundamental thing that is true for everyone is that their path is based in Love. And Jesus mastered living a life based on Love.

He will Guide you with much Humour.

Jesus has a great sense of humour. Yep, I was surprised, too! Believe me, I was raised Catholic and I never heard about his sense of humour. I was always a little in awe, and, frankly, afraid of him. So when he first showed up for me, it was extremely intimidating! He helped me get over that fast – through humour. Jesus doesn’t see us as lowly or inferior to him. He sees us as the same as him – like a brother or sister. And when the occasion warrants it, he will tease us and joke with us to make a point. Just like a loving brother would do.

Jesus celebrates All our Choices.

That is correct. He doesn’t condemn anyone’s choices. This is the freedom piece. He recognizes everyone as the same as him – a child of God who has the freedom to make any and all choices. But he does offer guidance when you are looking for it. That is why he shows up! His guidance is rooted in love for you and for what is in your highest good. So if Jesus shows up to guide you – celebrate it!





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